Ever wanted to work for Nintendo, but you can’t develop games?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Almost any Nintendo fan wants to work for Nintendo, but most of them can’t develop games, and some of them even admit it.
Should you now stop dreaming? No!
Because Nintendo isn’t development only.

Actually, Nintendo needs a lot of different kind of people around the world.
If you really want to make games at Nintendo, there’s no other option than moving to Kyoto in Japan, but not everyone can, or even is allowed to.

PR Agency
If you fail at programming, while you can write really positive, long stories, then why not being a PR at Nintendo?
They need PR’s at every location, around the world, in order to spread the word about new games to the Press, and eventually organize exclusive events to Games Journalists.
PR’s usually also have personal contact with Journalists, either by phone, by email, or by face, and if a Journalist builds up a nice relation (note: the friendly way, not the sexual way) with you, you’ll talk to them like best friends.
Eventually, the PR will send free Review Copies to their clients, but that depends on how big a Journalist’s name is.

If you’re great with languages, and you live in the USA or Germany, you can still get in touch with upcoming game’s source code, just like a programmer, while you’re not making new stuff.
Your translation may mean a lot for gamers around the world.
While in the USA they translate Japanese games into English (and eventually Spanish and French, but I don’t know how much that happens), Germany translates Japanese and English games into (English), French, Spanish, German, Italian, and sometimes Dutch (Dutch is really rare in games).
When I was looking at the Jobs List at Nintendo-Europe, there’s a lot about translation.

Sales Manager
If you’re great at counting, you can also do Sales Management.
They distribute games in their own countries, calculate sales, and report it back to their region’s HQ, and to Japan.
Sometimes, another company joins you to distribute their game, but they’ll remain being publisher.
As an American person, you’ll need to manage sales in North-America, and South-America.
As an European person, you’ll need to manage sales in Europe, Turkey, South-Africa, the Middle-East, and Australia.

You have a lot of YouTube experience, and you live in the USA or Germany?
As a Promoter, you can make Gameplay Footage of games, make screenshots and video’s out of them.
Not only Gameplay Footage can be made, TV Advertisements, news paper Advertisements, and stuff like that can be made.
As a Promoter, you’ll also make screenshots and video’s for the Press to use them for their website, megazine, TV series, news paper, etc. (yes, that’s how the Press gets their material!).
Note: Photoshop, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Windows, and Mac OS X skills are required.

Technical Support
Every gamer knows about the Technical Support, and if you’re good at hard- and software, then why not being the one that helped you for so many years?
Technical Support is repairing consoles, reporting bugs, debugging, etc., in order to make customer’s console to bring back to live.

Web Developer
Not skilled at C, C++, Java, etc., but you are with PHP and MySQL?
As a Web Developer, you have to make sure the local site works correctly, secure, and is always up to date.
At every generation, you’re even working on complete redesigns of websites.

What do I want to be?
To be honest, I don’t want any function at Nintendo, as I want to be a Game Developer, and I don’t feel like moving to the other side of the world, for just this.
Starting up a Game Development Team in The Netherlands is really easy, since there’s a rolling question for this kind of people, and yet there are so few Game Development companies around here.
In fact, if you don’t live in the USA or Germany, go look how Nintendo looks like from the inside.
I’ve been in the Dutch and Belgian buildings.
They just have 1 or 2 flours for themselves, and most likely with closed doors, and they only have a few people working there, depending on what day you come.
Everything sure looks nicely, with all of the Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Yoshi, Kirby, Metroid, and DK styled offices, big televisions, many consoles and demo pods, and white rooms, though.
The rest of the buildings are shared with other companies, hiring their working space.

If I may ask, how about you guys and gals?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Actually, it is.
In order to make a design to work, you'll need to match up with the code, otherwise, it won't work.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
There probably is, but I only mentioned jobs that are outside of Japan (I've even noted that at the beginning).

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I'm planning to go to an Art Institute for making game models and such. Would it be a good idea to work for Nintendo from there?

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3DS Max is a professional 3D model program.

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It's a program, like Adobe Photoshop.

3DS Max is different from the 3DS.

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Do people develop anything in Nintendo of America or do they just localize?


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Almost the reverse. I want to develop games but I can't work for Nintendo.


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If I have to move to Kyoto to make a Nintendo game, my dream is ruined.

Ugh. Then I'd have to learn Japanese and talk to everyone around me with it. And I hate long plane rides.


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You DON'T have to move to Japan, american make donkey kong country returns in retro studio in texas or other state

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I don't mind moving to Japan. There will be more Mario merchandise.

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Fan Creations why?