Which video game consoles do you have?


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Surprised this hasn't been asked yet as of recent. I have a Wii, Nintendo DS Lite, and a PlayStation 2. I also used to have a GameBoy Advance and GameCube but traded them to GameStop since I got a Wii and DS.

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Cuz the DS can't play Gameboy Color games like Pokemon Gold. That's why I keep the GBA.

As for the Wii, I have the Wii hooked up to one t.v. and the Gamecube hooked up to another t.v. so I won't have to constantly move them around and set them up again.


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Gameboy Color (Transparent, sold).
Gameboy Advance SP (Blue).
Nintendo DS (Gray, broken).
Nintendo DS Lite (Black and Pink).
YH-NITRO-CAPTURE (Modified DS to make Video's and Screenshots, without Emulators or Camer's).
JP Nintendo 3DS (Black).
EU Nintendo 3DS (Black).

SNES (Was dead while buying).
Nintendo 64 (Black).
Nintendo Gamecube (Black).
Nintendo Wii (White, 2x).

Apart from YH-NITRO-CAPTURE and JP Nintendo 3DS, all of them are European consoles/handhelds.
JP Nintendo 3DS is Japanese, and YH-NITRO-CAPTURE is American.


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Used to own:
DS (Still do but don't use it anymore snice the I have the 3DS. My brother uses it now.)

Currently Own:
PS1 (Got it a long time ago, selled it for a PS2
PS2 (Still have, got a long time ago too.)
Wii (Got it in April 2008 I think)
PS1 (Later bought it again last Christmas.)
I play Gamecube games on the Wii.

GBA (Got it in 2nd grade, I sold it later for a DS Lite)
DS Lite (Got when I sold my GBA)
DSi (Got when I sold my DS Lite
3DS (Got when I sold my DSi)

Thanks for making me nostalgia MCS

Now I want to play Super Mario Advance.


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So in other words, you never had more than 1 handheld?
YamiHoshi.nl said:
So in other words, you never had more than 1 handheld?
Yep, but in my life I have owned 4 handhelds. I have also played N64 and SNES. I only played SNES once though but the 64 I have played multiple times


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I have a Gameboy, a Gamecube, and a Wii.
I used to have a DS, which broke, so I got a DSLite, which I traded in for a DSi, which I traded in for my 3DS.

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Currently in possesion:
Gameboy Colour
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 3DS
Playstation 2

Used to have:
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Advance
A fair few Atari consoles
A different Gameboy Colour


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Figment said:
Zae said:
Xbox 360 and ps2.

So you've never played a Mario game?
um you asked right now, which has nothing to do with what ive had before lmao.

Ive other nintendo systems before. They just broke/ or I sold them.

Plus emulation.


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Nintendo Consoles:
NES (The Original)
GameCube (Platinum Edition, which is a silver color)
Wii (Plain Old White)
GBA (Transparent)
DS Lite (Black, might sell for discounted 3DS)
DSi (Black/Chrome)

Non-Nintendo Crap Consoles:
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (The First Model)
PlayStation (The Original, I guess)

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SNES (my mom threw it away, though)
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP (3)
Nintendo DS (2)
Nintendo DS lite
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo 3DS (2)
Nintendo 64

Playstation 2 (I never use it; it's my brother's)

If BLOF posted, she has the same things as me.


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Game Boy (a whitish-gray color or something)
Game Boy Pocket (the color is clear (or white if you don't count clear as a color) and you can see through it)
Game Boy Color (purple, and you can also see through it)
Game Boy Advance SP (a blue one, and a silver one)
DS (silver)
DS Lite (red on top and black on the bottom)
DSi (black)
3DS (Aqua Blue)

Nintendo Entertainment System
Super NES
Nintendo 64

I used to have a blue GBA, but my brother traded it in for the silver GBA SP. I plan to get a Wii U as soon as it comes out. I am saving up for one.


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Nintendo systems:
NES (not sure if it works)
GBA (white)
GBASP (Silver)
DS (blue)
DS lite (red)
3DS (aqua)

Non-Nintendo systems:


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Oh wait, I have that too. I just forgot to post that because there's a problem with it and I never use it. (the lid won't close right, have to put something on it to hold it down)