SSB4 Returning Veterans Thread


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With SSB4 seemingly officially in existence there's gonna be alot of threads hoping for new and interesting characters. However, I want to make this thread for the characters we have seen already but you know we'll love to see again.

We can discuss here what possible changes can be done as the newcomers from Brawl are now veterans too as soon as the next one rolls around. We can pretty much assume the Original 12 from the First SSB game to be in and most likely the ones from Melee that returned in Brawl. We don't know yet how much under fire the Newcomers in Brawl are in transition to the 4th game but I'm at least hoping most if not all come back as playable
Especially Sonic in Particular myself...
Because as much as we love new characters until we somehow get the info that all of Brawl's roster is returning there will be lingering fear that someone's favorite Newcomer from Brawl will be stopped short of making SSB4's roster just to be filled in by a character they could care less about.

It'd also be nice to think of the possibility of at least one of Brawl's "Forbidden 7" made it into 4's roster. Maybe Mewtwo will make a grand return after being skipped off in Brawl

Last thing we can talk about too is any possible moveset changes perhaps relating to any recent games.

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Regarding new movesets for the veterans, I'm thinking maybe they could incorporate the Poltergust 3000 for Luigi since a sequel to Luigi's Mansion has been confirmed. Also, for Mario, give him his Mario Tornado back. As for any characters returning in Brawl, I REALLY don't want anymore 3rd party characters. For the Melee characters, Ganondorf really needs a new moveset, I don't see why they made him a Captain Falcon clone. As for newcomers in 4, King K. Rool (we need more villains) and Baby Mario (we need another character representing the Yoshi series) would be excellent. If they're going to include guest characters, the MegaMan franchise should be given top priority IMO. Also, a pokemon from Hoenn and Unova would be nice in addition to at least one of the Sinnoh starters.

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Actually, I don't mind who returns. What I do mind is who DOESN'T return. I hope the Ice Climbers return because I like them.


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Yeah, Ice Climbers should definitely stay for their unique teamwork kind of play.

We definitely need more female characters, though. Krystal, Midna, and of course Daisy would be great to see.

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Characters I want to return

From Melee:
1. The original 12.
2. Bowser
3. Ganondorf (with a better moveset)
4. Falco
5. Ice Climbers
6. Mr. Game and Watch
7. Peach

From Brawl:
1. King Dedede
2. Meta Knight
3. Lucas
4. Pit
5. R.O.B.
6. Wario
7. Wolf
8. Zero Suit Samus


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She's as important as Peach is to the Mario series

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The list I posted just consists of who I personally want. Just because I didn't mention Zelda, that doesn't mean she's unimportant. In fact, any character I didn't list I'm neutral to.

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Oh, okay.

I wouldn't want Yoshi to return, but that is unrealistic.


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Super Smash Bros.
1: All 12 characters

Super Smash Bros. Melee
1: Peach
2: Bowser
3: Zelda / Sheik
4: Ice Climbers
5: Marth
6: Mr. Game & Watch
7: Falco
8: Ganondorf

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
1: Meta Knight
2: Pit
3: Wario
4: Zero Suit Samus (can still change into Samus and back)
5: Ike
6: Pokemon Trainer (different Pokemon, however)
7: Diddy Kong
8: Lucas
9: King Dedede
10: Olimar
11: R.O.B.
12: Toon Link
13: Wolf
14: Sonic

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It would be interesting to see Mewtwo return.


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Herr Shyguy said:
Hoping for an un-nerfing of Jigglypuff.
Anyway, The 12 Originals must return, Peach should definitely return, and maybe Wolf... I really want them to return the most, also, I want Young Link back. Even though he's a clone of Link, he was fun. :P That's just me though.


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@Umbreon: He'll either be one of the Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon or a Poke Ball Pokemon.
As for me; I'd like to see the Ice Climbers return, but Pit, eh. Yeah, there's a new game for him coming up, but his sudden return in Brawl wasn't great; Meta Knight and Mr. Game and Watch would also be nice to see.
Also, for newcomers, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi should be in it and work together like the Ice Climbers.