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Favourite pony out of the main bunch?

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  • Pinkie Pie

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  • Applejack

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  • Rainbow Dash

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  • Rarity

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  • Fluttershy

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Star Spirit
Season 7 confirmed to be a full 26-episode season

Well once again I was wrong about a season being 13-episodes (I thought Season 6 was going to be shortened too). But boy they're really going to be squeezing this thing tight in terms of scheduling with the movie (And whenever those 3 EQG specials air too)

I calculated that if Season 7 starts from the first Sunday of Spring next year. And there was absolutely no breaks. The finale would air on 10/7/2017. That's one day after the scheduled release of the 2017 Pony Movie. I just don't know what's the likelihood that there is no breaks. So no matter what there will be some time where the Movie will be out there before the Finale. It's just if there's no breaks then it's only a one day difference. But if it's a break like Season 5 or 6 had. Then there will be at least a month or 2 between the Movie and Finale.


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Been a little while but there's certainly been some news.

First of all, Season 7 starts in April. Meaning for sure that the movie will release while Season 7 is still going even if there's no mid-season break. We also have two episode titles revealed thanks to an upcoming title as well as another thing it looks like we'll be seeing in Season 7. Both will be in the Spoiler box below.

The titles are "Celestial Advice" and "All Bottled Up". Both episodes are going to be in a DVD set called Twilight and Starlight so naturally one or both of them will be the stars of those episodes. Celestial Advice sounds like perhaps for the first time we'll actually have a somewhat Celestia focused episode. The only episode that came closest to being a Celestia episode is that Season 1 episode where Fluttershy takes care of her Phoenix. All Bottled Up on the other hand may be a bit harder to guess but I'm hoping it's genie related perhaps

Anyway, the other news we got is we have official names for Rainbow's and Applejack's parents.

RD's Parents names: Windy Whistles and Bow Hot Hoof
AJ's Parents names: Bright Mac and Pear Butter

It also sounds like that Episode 13 of Season 7 will be a flashback episode about AJ's parents. (Who I believe the staff has already confirmed that they're deceased. So that episode could be chock full of feels)

As for the movie, we got quite a bit since my last post. Like here's the general synopsis

A new dark force threatens Ponyville, and the Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity – embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship and save their home."
We also got information on a bunch of new characters (And their voice actors) as well as a certain thing the Mane 6 will get to be for we can assume a significant part of the film if the marketing is any indication.

Here are the new characters announced and their voice actors:

Also, at some point in the film the Mane 6 will be come merponies/seaponies/hippocampi/whatever else you want to call them:

I'm REALLY glad they went with this design for seaponies in this film. I never really liked the design for the G1 types that much. Also I really like mermaids so I love this is going to happen. I can't wait to see how the Mane 6 react to the transformation. I expect a little bit of freaking out at first.

All in all I'm pretty excited for the film. As a side note, a Season 8 has already been confirmed. Perhaps there's stuff in the movie they plan on expanding on in that Season. I certainly wouldn't mind a few episodes here and there with the merponies.

As for the 3 Equestria Girls specials, nothing new has really been revealed other then it's been said they're being released on Netflix in the Summertime. But nothing else besides that.


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We finally have both a clip and some information about the two episodes airing on April 15th. Oddly enough this may be the first time the 2 episode premiere won't be a straight-up two parter with all 44 minutes there to tell one whole story. It looks like we're literally just getting two episodes back-to-back. Though certainly the 2nd one will undoubtedly not take too long after the first.

But anyway, here's the clip.

All I can say is...

Boy, Starlight's apprenticeship under Twilight sure didn't last as long as people thought it would did it?


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Eren Jäger said:
supermariofan said:
William Shatner will make an appearance in Season 7...This sounds exciting.
the fuck lol
Isn't the first time someone famous from Star Trek voiced for MLP (Q's actor is Discord after all)

The question after that though is does Discord speak with Shatner's character. Cause that'd be the closest we could get to Captain Kirk meeting Q :P


El Psy Kongroo
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okay but still lol

since star trek the only thing ive seen william shatner in was and that was already pretty funny


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Magikrazy said:
alright i havent watched mlp since season 3 but shatner has convinced me if he does a "musical" number
If it takes celebrity appearances to get you watching again. Why don't you at least see Pinkie Pride (Season 4, Episode 12). It has Weird Al, and he sings multiple times and everything.

It's also one of the best episodes in the series for that matter.


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Been a while since a post. Alot has shown up since but I don't think I could post it all because of how much there was.

But I will mention that half of Season 7 is out there. And the 13h episode in particular is a pretty special one because we finally learn who AJ's parents were.

And while we don't learn exactly how they died, we can kinda tell just by the lines and emotions int he episode is they are deceased

Also this was the William Shatner guest episode. He plays the part of Grand Pear.

It's probably the most emotional episode in a long time. Hard to keep from tearing up by the end.

Also as a whole Season 7 has been much better then I expected. A bit of a relief because I wasn't feeling so strongly about Season 6 at the halfway point. But I feel much more invigorated so far with Season 7.

Oh, also I'm going to be going to Trotcon once more next month. I'll be there for practically a full day this time too on Saturday, July 15th.


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Trailer for the official movie coming in October!

The animation looks so smooth. While the show animation was amazing for Flash Standards, this definitely looks like it will allow for more advanced animation now that it's using a program that's closer to handdrawn type stuff. And the locations are bound to look beautiful on-screen.


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Been a long while since I posted anything here. But some important stuff has come up lately.

Though I should first mention some short thoughts about Season 7 and the Movie.

Season 7 was fun. I think it was good enough to be just under Season 2 to take 3rd place in my ranking of the seasons. Plenty of good moments especially with the episode about Applejack's pretty much confirmed deceased parents (They don't tell how they died, but just from the tone of the episode it's pretty obvious that they are dead)

The movie is good for what it is. It isn't going to impress anyone who wasn't a fan already. And even fans could find reason to nitpick with it. But it manages to capture some of the core things fans like about the show good enough. Just there is the caveat that there are a decent amount of episodes that are probably better overall products then this movie. The animation is really nice though. Refreshing to see a more 2D animated film in theaters with so much over saturation of 3D as of late.

But anyway the big news this week is there was a huge leak this past weekend of plans for MLP in the coming years. From next year with Season 8 all the way to 2020-2021. And from the looks of it, Friendship is Magic/Generation 4 as a whole will officially end after a ninth season. And will be replaced by an all-new Generation 5 in 2020. So as of now the show currently running has only 2-3 years left. I'll surely miss it when it's over, but I'm sure by the time it ends myself and other fans will know that 9 Seasons, a feature-length film, and a decently successful spin-off (Equestria Girls) makes for a really good run.

As for the Generation 5 that will replace it, I'm not really sure if it'll be a good follow-up. For one it'll be CGI animated which as I mentioned regarding the movie I already mentioned 3D is over saturated. I think part of the appeal of FiM was the simple but effective designs that moved well in flash. It's far easier to make things look uncanny in 3D. There's other things that are a bit strange and don't know how to feel about. Though that may count as spoiler territory. If you're curious just ask me about it somewhere.
I like it.

Truth be told, I've been away from this forum for a long time. In the time that I've been away, I saw the first episode of this show. Then I saw the second, third and before I knew it, I've finished Season 7.

I have around 30 or so pieces of merchandise.


Did I Miss It Again!?
i havent watched the series in a long time, i wonder how things have changed?
the last thing i remember was the gang taking down a communist cult out in the boonies