Summer of 2011


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Discuss all sorts of activities you will be doing this summer.

I'm working at a basketball day camp for a couple weeks and I'll be at camp in the mountains June 19-25. The camp will probably still be covered with snow when I get there.

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I'll be going to Canberra at the end of June.

Incidentally, it's Winter here and Canberra is regarded one of the coldest cities in Australia. Fun!


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Going to Summer Camp.
Gonna be in a super awesome summer play.

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Summer P.E.

Marching Band Camp

No Japan. :(


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Vacation in Poland (seeing our family, etc.).
Gamescom 2011.

But I want to see a real summer first (it's only raining, and it's cold).

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I'm planning to take driving school soon.


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Lots of stuff going on pour moi:

~Vacation to the Outer Banks
~Band camp
~Lots and lots of Pirate games
~Softball games
~Visiting family in Virginia
~Watching The Nanny and Whose Line Is It Anyway? every night


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Waiting for new 3DS games.
Waiting for my birthday in August.
Waiting for E3 2011 and wanting a new Mario & Luigi game.
Going to Kennywood. I'm sure no one but schmutz knows what that is.
Hopefully beat Majora's Mask.
Not going to school.
Celebrating July 4th at my Aunt and Uncle's house.


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Ornithologist Mario said:
I'm planning to take driving school soon.
Me too

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Wasn't there already a summer topic? Oh well.

First things first, I'll be watching every episode of TMNT that I want and well as the first two live-action movies and the 2007 movie.

Then I'll try to finish Pokemon White.

And I'll be watching chuggaa's Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin 2 LP.

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I am going to move to Seattle, Microsoft's main headquarters and give 'em a yell for taking Rare. I ain't joking, I am moving to Seattle!


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I thought Microsoft is located in Redmond.


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Microsoft Locations
Corporate Headquarters
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

I know where I'm talking about.
I even have an older sister who lives in Seattle, as a journalist for Dutch news papers.


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Flubber said:
I'm not doing anything special. But summer 2012, I'll go to London Olympics.
^^Me too.
Who knows, maybe Ill meet you!
I doubt it very much.
Anyway, not doing a lot, just going someplace hot, celebrating my birthday, getting a 3DS, and that all.


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Any of the hockey games?

I'm going to at least three more baseball games. I went to one today.


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schmutz said:
School is FINALLY out for me. ;D
Lucky. I still have 2 more weeks of school