Your favorite Brawl taunts

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Cherries and Berries
Luigi's Up Taunt and Ness's Up Taunt

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
Captain Falcon's "Show me your moves!"

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Cherries and Berries
In the older Super Smash Bros. games, I used to make a hated character stand in a horde of Bob-ombs in Training Mode and taunt until the bombs go off and BOOM.

Now, in Brawl, I just make one guy taunt in a horde of Smart Bombs and make another guy throw or attack a Smart Bomb (that guy is also next to the taunting guy so he gets hit). BOOM.


Donkey Kong
I think Warios taunt on his bike and his butt-shaking taunt are funny. I also like ZSS's taunts, just because they're sexy xD and I think Young Link's Moo Moo Milk taunt is pretty fancy. Also like Captain Falcon's "Show me your moves!" and Toon Links swordfest taunt.

Propeller Toad

Dislikes the amount of neglect Toad receives...
Pikachu's down taunt (where he is yawning and rolling around). I also like Toon Link's windwaker taunt (too bad his baton was not implemented in his moveset).

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Cherries and Berries
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Cherries and Berries
CanucksFan said:
Luigi side taunt by FAR. It actually attacks you with his kicks.
No, that's his down taunt. His side taunt is when he flops on his belly

Brawl Mario

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"Hiiiiiiiiiiii!" <(-'.'-)> in Melee.

This is Brawl taunts, but Kirbys taunts in Melee was better.


Cheep Cheep
Peach's Side Taunt - "Lalalala"
Kirby's Down Taunt - "Hi!"
Jigglypuff's Up Taunt - "Jigglypuff!"

Definitely peachtastic taunts.