Hardest Mario 2D platformer level


Seems so long ago.
I'm bored. Once more I shall bring up the old stuff.

You should know what 2D platforming is. You know, like the original Super Mario Bros.

I'll have to say Super Mario World's Tubular. I have yet to get past it, although it has been months since I have played the game.

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I HATE Tubular of SMW and World 9-7 of NSMBW


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Well I was never able to beat Exercise in the Skies either.
World 8-3 from Lost levels.
Last 3 times i played special world in SMW i beat it without losing one life! :P


Seems so long ago.
I'll have to say that the fortress in Dark World of SMB3 is very difficult. Bowser's castle was just as hard.