Who is your favorite characters?


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Re: What is your favorite characters?

Baby Luigi. And it is "Who", not "what". I don't want to call characters something genderless.


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Paratroopas are cool in general. They are NOT simply Koopa Troopas with wings, IMO

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Excluding the following;

1. Wario characters (except for Wario)
2. DK characters (except for DK and Diddy)
3. Anyone debuting in SMRPG (except for Geno and Mallow)
4. Anyone who's not part of the Mario games

I like every Mario character to a certain degree except for Roy, Birdo, Waluigi, Cackletta, and Fawful.

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Kamek of course, but there are a LOT of other characters I like. Toad and Toadette, Luigi, the Koopalings, Ashley and Penny (well, they're from WarioWare, meh) and such.


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I love the Shroobs! They aren't the most creative species by all means, but they felt like the biggest threat to the Mushroom Kingdom, even more so than the Koopa King himself. They just felt so evil.

Other than them, Luigi is awesome because he's Luigi, and he has a supervillain alter ego.

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Mario :mario:

The title should be "Who are your favorite characters", BTW

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Koopa Troop Soup is really nice
Parakarry is a Koopa.

Speaking of which, aside from the obvious. I have quite a few characters I like; Yoshi, the Kremlings, Croco, Jinx, Francis...

Okay, most of the non-Koopa ones are rather niche. :/