Mario FPS?


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It's been tried once....and it was fun. But, a real FPS like with Fireballs for ammo, or Mushrooms as health. It probably wouldn't work, seeing as how it would probably be T, and Mario is a family friendly series, but still, I think it would be a good game.

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Why should FPS be associated with T? Mario Party already has featured several minigames that require FPS (Camera Shy in Mario Party DS is a notable example). Besides, I would like a TPS rather than an FPS.

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Shinichirō Tamaki said:
Wouldn't Yoshi Safari be a TPS?
I think it is FPS because you are in the eyes of Mario.


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This would be difficult to pull off, but you have my attention. How would you go about doing this?

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Not all FPSes in the world are rated T and above.


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Does Crypt Raider still go on chat? He used to make some neat FPS's, he could probably scrape together something Mario themed.

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FPS =/= T and above. Just to let you know.