Legend of Zelda Wind Waker


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I just got Wind Waker and I just met red talking dragon ship with no sail and I'm paused game before looking for sail, I was surprised that ganondorf from ocarina of time is in this game

Do you have this game?

Maybe I will finish ocarina of time in virtual console and I don't like this game and I need to finish or it is waste of money, I just become adult and saw ganondorf's castle

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My brother has this game. I didn't play it, though, I just watched him. Just wait until you have to travel to another island :P


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I know I got to travel in ship but I will get sail soon and you MUST play this game


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It's a fantastic game. One of my all-time favorites


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I like the game.

also in the part where you get the master sword.

there's another Ocarina of Time reference.

it's up for you to find out what is that ref.


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Wind Waker is my personal favorite Zelda game and is definitely in my top five games of all time.


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Fav zelda game.

Great art style, lots of exploring, amazing ost, awesome boss fights, and Gannodorf is just badass.

Truely a legend.


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This is my favorite Zelda game, and it is also the only Zelda game that I've been able to complete. It took me about 3-5 years to beat. Two of those years were spent looking for Triforce pieces and simply sailing around to see all the islands.
I can't remember if this or Four Swords Adventure was my first Zelda game. either way they were both awesome... Or maybe it was Ocarina of Time GCN Edition.