The Kart Series Changes...

It started with the first one for the SNES, and then it came to the 64, which had AMAZING graphics for it's time. Then came the Gamecube, DS and wii, making it what it is today. Discuss this.

a referee

The N64 game had worse graphics than Diddy Kong Racing, IMO.

The worst change goes to the winged spiny shell. Thank you for being so abundant, you useless winged crap.

Ray Trace

Wiki Patroller
The DS version had a cruddy idea to make Grand Prix only available to one player, which we got with Mario Kart Wii? Why complain? I don't want my sister to sit out while Grand Prix is the quickest way for me to unlock stuff.


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MK64 feels half-assed in pretty much every way, but it hits that sweet stupid-awesome spot perfectly.

Ray Trace

Wiki Patroller
I liked Mario Kart 64's course design and music, but the controls were awful.

a referee

The Red Shells hit very hard in that game, but they are very unreliable.

Ms Mowz!

Green shells annoy me, I can't believe they even made a triple one :P

But It's cool cause I now can aim good......

Green Fire

Koopa Troopa
They're all good and bad in their own ways. I'm going to rank them.
1. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
+Pros: Excellent multiplayer, fun tracks and modes, co-op mode, 2 racers per kart.
-Cons: Steering can be pretty off, some of the courses are really short.
2. Mario Kart Wii
+Pros: Excellent multiplayer, wealth of modes and content, online play.
-Cons: Graphics look barely any better than Double Dash, 12 racers can get chaotic, the AI is rubber-banding and seems to get every item when they really need it.
3. Mario Kart DS
+Pros: Online play, great modes and content
-Cons: Some courses are really short, Controls are sometimes a little off.
4. Mario Kart 64
+Pros: Great courses, fun battle mode, good multiplayer.
-Cons: Mediocre graphics (c'mon, sprites?!), poor sounds (except the music).
5. Super Mario Kart
+Pros: Great music and gameplay
-Cons: Stiff controls, steep learning curve
6. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
+Pros: Great music and content
-Cons: Stiff controls and steep learning curve.


Cosmic Beauty
**Simple tracks
**Simple controls
**CPUs aren't too tough on the easier levels; easy to outrun and even overlap
**Item spam is not heavily present
**Sharp turns can be a pain
**Many 1st place wins involve not hitting ANY items
**Limited continues

**Improved graphics
**Longer tracks
**Item spam is limited to mostly Bananas and Fake Items
**AI rubberbanding can be VERY unfair, especially when one CPU racer has an unstoppable lead
**Items aren't always very reliable
**Drifting is quite tough to handle

**Items are more reliable
**Two racers, one kart
**Drifting is easier to control
**AI rubberbanding is less extreme; easier to get back into the lead
**Very few long tracks
**Item spam can be very disruptive, especially when Spiny Shells are involved
**AI rubberbanding can happen during inconvenient moments

MK Wii
**Various unlockables
**Added vehicle strategies; one vehicles handles one obstacle better than the other
**AI rubberbanding is not as strong as in MKDD!!
**Item spam can be very disruptive, especially when Spiny Shells are involved
**Certain items can lead to disaster if used at the wrong places
**For some vehicles, manual drifting can be hard to handle
**There are no tracks that take more than 1 minute to finish one lap (when items don't intervene)

Ms Mowz!

Bikes are better then Karts, because you can do wheelies which gives you speed boosts!