C.A.T.S (aka. Crash Arena Turbo Stars)

Which weapon is your favorite?

  • Blade

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  • Rocket

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  • Double Rocket

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  • Chainsaw

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  • Stinger

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  • Drill

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  • Minigun

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  • Shotgun

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  • Laser

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  • Death Lamp

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  • Rotating Rocket

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  • Rotating Drill

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  • Double Blade

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  • Boomerang

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  • Spiked Wheels (Even though it is not considered a weapon, it still damages.)

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“I'm the king of insects! And Avalance!”
This is the C.A.T.S forum. Talk about the game, what weapons you have, your prestige, your ultimate machines, and more! Search it’s fandom for more info. I am prestige 3, so I unlocked the Minigun, Shotgun, and the First Aid Kit. Prestige 4 will get me a Lifter. My favorite Body is the Sneaky due to it’s light weight, small size, and great ability to do tricks. My least favorite Body is the Titan, mainly for it’s terrible stability and it’s tall surface area, making it an easy target. My favorite Gadget is the Repulse because it can flip your opponent’s machine over if it is a Titan, Sneaky, or Boulder. My least favorite Gadget is the Forklift, mainly because it really adds weight to your machine and it could flip over, reducing chances to attack. My favorite Wheel is the Sticky Roller because it is small (but not as small as the knob) and reduces the opponent’s ability to push your machine the other way. My least favorite Wheel is the Bigfoot because it is too big and for small Bodies, your machine could fall over. My favorite Weapon is the Molotov Cocktail because of it’s ability to burn. One time I made a machine that flew upward and landed on the wall, shooting Molotovs to the opponent’s machine. My least favorite Weapon is the Laser. Even though it deals a high amount of damage, it takes two and a half seconds to reload, making your machine an easy target if your opponent’s machine is equipped with Miniguns.

Now to explain the weapons.

A razor blade that spins around on it’s axis, damaging other machines when it touches them.
Kind of self explanatory. Shoots a rocket every second that damages the opponent if the rocket touches.
Shoots a Laser Beam every 2.5 seconds.
Shoots two Rockets, one forward, one backward.
All three damage the opponent if it touches. Chainsaws are the shortest, but deal the most damage, Stingers are longest, but deal the least damage, and the Drill has a moderate length and damage.
Shoots lots of bullets. Starts firing slowly, then speeds up until it fires a bullet every 1/4 of a second!
Shoots a spread of bullets every second, causing knockback damage, but also moves your machine backward.
Shoots a short stream of light, facing the opponent’s machine, pausing every two seconds to cool down for a second.
Just like the Blade, but there are two parallel Blades spinning the same direction on the same poin.
Acts like a Drill, but can be rotated 45° with a special button in the garage.
Acts like a Rocket, but can be rotated 45° with a special button in the garage.
Shoots a boomerang that moves a moderate distance toward the opponent’s machine, possibly damaging it twice if close enough.
Fires a bottle forward, possibly hitting the opponent’s machine and burning it if it touches. If it lands on the ground, it will leave a puddle of fire that will disappear after a bit.
Can only be used as wheels. Damages the opponent’s machine when it runs over it and also grants very good climbing power.

And those were the weapons. Now for the Bodies.
A sturdy Body with a sloped front that is great at lifting opponent’s machines. Most are found with only one Weapon slot and one Gadget slot, but some earned from events may have another Weapon slot, Gadget slot, or a Weapon slot replacing the Gadget slot.
A tall Body with high HP but low stability. Terrible with big Wheels.
A good Body with great stability.
A very light Body with the increased ability to do tricks in the air.
A round Body capable of rolling.
A very stable Body with a triangular shape.
A long Body with the shape of a whale.
A big Body with high HP and low stability if used without Wheels.
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