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    Teh Best Mario

    MEGA MARIO!! \o/
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    Creepiest/Ugliest boss.

    Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie Andross from Star Fox Mephiles from Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 (PS3) Stallord from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Gyorg from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Pyramid Read from Silent Hill...
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    Super Mario Galaxy

    *sigh* All I really want is the seven koopalings will back in this game. Wait, I know! The last boss could be a...... GARGANTUAN-ENORMOUS-GIANT-BIG-SUPER-MACHINE-MADE-ROBOT-WITH-CANNONS-LASERS-FLAMETROWERS-AND-EVEN-MACHINEGUNS controlled by the entire koopa family (Bowser, Lemmy, Roy...
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    Mario gets hurt to easily

    But some enemies (like koopas, boos, goombas, shy guys) aren't so least I think.
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    Mario cartoon.

    There's a site, Lemmy's Land where they got sumaries and scripts of every episode from the three Mario-related cartoons (Super Mario Brothers Super Show, The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3, The Super Mario World Show). They even got a list of various animation errors spotted in the Mario...
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    This is just so random.

    Well, I think this is randomly,weird and funny.
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    Whose your favorite Kremling?

    The classic King K. Rool! 8)
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    Wario Or Waluigi?

    *raises hand* Hey,I am a girl! :peach: :daisy: :birdo: And I voted in Waluigi...don't ask why.
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    ? Blocks

    I always tough they are just "magical"
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    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    I looked around Google, and I found this picture. The catterkiller is that purple thing beating Sonic up. But my favorite badnick is motobug, the first badnick ever seen in Sonic series! P.S: Sorrie guys, the first image isn't working.
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    Mario's Belly

    In my opnion, he just become a bit more "realistic". Touché! :)
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    Favourite series

    Let me think for a while....... *two minutes later*..... ok, my vote goest to: SUPER SMAAAAAAAAAASSSHHHH BROOOSSSSSSS!!!!! :!: :mrgreen: :idea: :D :bowser: :luigi: 8) :birdo: :goomba: :) :boo: :bobomb: :mario:
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    You Know You've Played Donkey Kong Games Too Much When...

    Well, since there's a post like this at the Mario' forum, I decided created another one,Dk-style. -You always eats bananas at breakfast; -You eats bananas at lunch; -You eats banans at dinner; -You hate crocodiles; So guys, make more.
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    Character or Enemy for 3D

    -The Koopalings; -Wart; -Triclyde; -Mouser; -Tatanga; -Cobrat; -Ostro; -Tweetie; -Captain Syrup; -Albatoss; -Angry Sun; -Biokinton; -Boom-Boom.
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    K. Rool's best form, which one is it?

    I go with the original King K. Roll.