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  • Super Mario Bros. BLUNDER hits shelves. Sells -99999999999999999999999 copies in one second. Bajillion hospitalized after the game sucked so bad it began sucking people's life force. What a disaster.
    I'm Flygon "I'll figure this out later" 64 and I'm standing in-front of Shigeru Miyamoto's house after the incident. It seems everyone--am I getting this right? I am! Every single person on the planet has gathered around to tear his house down to a molecular level! Every person! The hospital patients have swiftly recovered from pure rage! Heh heh, wow.

    Okay me and the camera crew are heading in.

    And, wow, they were NOT joking around. It seems the angry mob has sent RATS into the house. EVIL rats armed with KNIVES. The knives are on fire. The rats too.

    Hey hey! I hear something in the basement.

    Well if you'd look at that folks. We've found Shigeru cowering and crying in the corner of his basement.

    Miyamoto-san, what are your thoughts on the current scenario?

    M : Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

    He's bilingual!

    M : It's a dangerous game releasing bad... Games. Yeah. No joke.

    Why would NINTENDO ever release a game this BAD? What do you have to say for ALL the GAMERS who you've PERSONALLY HOSPITALIZED by YOURSELF? Because you make every Mario game ever. By YOURSELF.

    M : Man, idk. In like, retrospect, making Super Mario Bros BLUNDER was a mistake. Like why did we make this thing? We should've just released WONDER honestly. But like the rest of the development team was like "Duality bro, it's hip and cool, old man." And I was like "stop harassing random old men walking by Nintendo HQ you idiots". But I was thinking all like, yeah, duality is pretty cool in my head tho. So like we made WONDER and BLUNDER. And this whole thing has been a real shock. Like honestly we thought BLUNDER was going to be the hit. But um--

    Wowie zowie, breaking news! 100 nukes are heading our direction! Well, goodbye pals, this has been Mario Boards news.

    M: Mama mia.
    Thinking about the history of "Mascot horror" as the people are calling it nowadays.

    Like it started with some random guy in Texas in 2014, worked at a dollar store, his last game got obliterated by critics. People said the characters in his game looked like "animantronics" and thought they were horrifying. This inspired him and he soon came up with an idea for a new game. He started a Kickstarter that got zero dollars and he took it down. He began work on the game anyway, if it flopped, he would quit game development. He developed the game "Five Nights at Freddy's" in six months with the help of some close family. It was released on August 8 2014 for Windows. The effort that was put in the whole thing still shows today. A video by a popular youtuber called Markiplier would be released four days later.
    It was titled: "WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy's - Part 1"
    It would garner millions of views.
    It has been nine years since FNAF 1 and I'm writing this one day before the Blumhouse movie drops.
    The game was a success, he would soon make successful sequels. People have made fanart, fanfics, and entire fangames. The franchise is still a topic all those clickbaity content farms make stuff about, it's still finding success to this day! Though many aren't fond of the most recent title, people do like its DLC at least.

    Now, earlier this year a little crappy game called Garten of Banban by two brothers was released. Youtubers who talk about "mascot horror" games made videos on this one a little bit after its release. It was a cashgrab, people called it such. People point to it and another game series called "Poppy's Playtime" as the downfall of the genre. This game, short, lacking substance in every area, that only got attention because of its poor quality, got a sequel. It was the same quality as the original and it got MORE attention. The same things were said, this time its small ironic fanbase GREW. It quickly became more POPULAR, content farm channels on Youtube Kids would soon take notice. The series' fanbase would grow less ironic and younger. A third game came out and the series became TRENDY. More and more odd clickbait vids would drop, ones on YT and ones on TIKTOK. Soon a 4th, and 5th were made and just recently the 6th title has come out. A 7th and 8th are on the way. This series that shouldn't have become a series, one that started with a game that people thought was SATIRE, has found a massive audience. We surely live in a timeline.

    I dunno, FNAF is just a thing that's been with me for so long. It means a ton to me, even if its messy and not the scariest horror series out there. Its influence is huge, and I'm interested in checking it out and keeping track of it y'know? I love it. I love looking at FNAF from a meta perspective, it's fascinating to me. The birth and growth of this "mascot horror" genre is very interesting. I know most of the users here are like millennials who aren't really into horror and don't know what a Springtrap is. Who probably just shrug this stuff off as dumb substanceless fads that aren't worth looking at. Which like yeah you might actually be right in some ways LOL. But I think there is value in examining these "Three Nights with Scrunkly Sloppy Umpkins" games! If not them at least the reason they exist at all, FNAF!

    Thank you if you read all my many many words, about the dum spoopy games that are dum and not spoopy. I am a teenager, freddy fazbear har har har har har five night freddy.
    Randomizer AKGGGGG, it is the only one just for me. When I play the game I get lost in a phase, then I find out I'm stuck in Mandrill Maze. Randomizer AKGGGGG, it is the only one just for me. When I play the game I get lost in a phase, then I find out I'm stuck in Mandrill Maze. Give me cutlery, give me tanks, give me motorcycles, give me puppies, give me cake, give me diving suit, I want everything I need. I must play this more and more. I need to get those damn tanks to drain Bhigwig's credit cards. There are many secrets in the game, many of which that drive some peeps insane. Why try to kill in a killing game, just sounds like crap and makes you look super lame. Exiting the maze is super simple, all you do is follow these patterns for the rest of your gaming life. Monokuma appears, Monokuma appears, Monokuma appears.
    Five Nights at Freddy's unofficial wiki (
    Just going to post about this very organized and clean Japanese FNAF wiki. This is like Mario Wiki quality stuff here, the only English FNAF wikis I've found are shitty FANDOM ones! I can't read a word of this untranslated, but I just find it very interesting. FNAF's fanbase around the world is bigger than one would think at first glance.

    Also I think the wiki's Twitter icon is Pigpatch because he says Japanese proverbs in-game and that's cute lol.
    I don't think I've taken the time to fully appreciate how beautiful and important his work was. I'm glad I got to learn about a side of these games I had overlooked. Also, the section about his early career reminded me how nice early Japanese animation was. I like the modern manga/anime aesthetic but I feel like I've been overexposed to it; this sort of style feels refreshing. Great video.

    The Lam has arrived.
    Unfortunately it turns out I can't play it on what I've got so I'm a bit peeved because I was misled into thinking that. It's okay though, I guess, at the very least it's a pretty cool thing to own and maybe I'll find a way to play it eventually.
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