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    Hardest Boss in gaming?

    elder princess shroob transformed.
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    fire emblem

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    fire emblem

    I don't hack either but I will still battle you so can you post your FE number
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    fire emblem

    who here has fire emblem shadow dragon? if you do I will battle you. 0388 7659 6981
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    Count to 5,000

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    Favorite Final Smash

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    Biker or Overalls?

    The biker clothes suck but the overalls rock
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    Who has a japan only game

    that is a game that won't work
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    Luigi's Mansion 2?

    Maybe waluigi finds a haunted mansion and king boo takes him over
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    super mario bros z

    seen it and love it
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    Waruigi DS

    not love him but he is their favorite mario character ::)
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    Waruigi DS

    finally someone who agrees with me that waluigi sucks, everyone i know loves him
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    Who here has Super Mario Galaxy?

    i feel bad for you :(
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    Should Luigi keep his THunder Hand?

    I think the need to put it in another game i loved that attack :luigi:
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    Is Kamek guy or girl?