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    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    had a dream it was e3 still and they announced a new paper mario that was similar to the first 2 and then i woke up sad because we aren't in that universe
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    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    detective pikachu it was kinda whack godzilla kotm good movie
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    What characters would you like to see as DLC for Smash Bros?

    congratulations as for me, a lot of people say doomguy but tbh i think master chief would be a better selection
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    1,000,000 things we love

    31. Pokemon
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    how often do you curse in real life?

    I do it all the time but when I type it's hardly there
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    Pokemon GO

    Outta Pokeballs, can't refill because I don't have a smartphone and can only use it when WiFi available. Might consider spending irl cash What are your rarest, strongest, and favorite Pokemon? Rarest: Tie between Omanyte and Kabuto Strongest: Ponyta with 289cp Favorite: Right now I'd say my...
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    Your Insistent Terminologies

    yeah they're two different characters but I almost always refer to ganondorf as ganon(I know it's wrong but it feels so right)
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    Your Insistent Terminologies

    grew up watching the Spanish version so most things are closer to the Japanese versions like Ghenkidama(sp?) and Picoro Dai Maku, but still kept English things like Master Roshi was Maestro Roshi apart from DB, there's other things like I perfer Ganon, Purrin(only cause of Melee), and i tend...
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    Pokemon GO

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    What games would you consider to be the pinnacles of the Mario series?

    iirc some troubles only become available post game
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    What games would you consider to be the pinnacles of the Mario series?

    Pit of 100 Trials return to the Glitz Pit Trouble Center Pianta Game Corner Filling Up Tattle Log Leveling up partners Recipes, Badges, Star pieces feel like im forgetting something
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    1,000,000 things we love

    26. Soccer
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    What products do you think are cash grabby?

    Depends on the car, some were commonly made and don't go for much like Mustangs, but things like a Nomad Bel-Air? gg no re EA Sports games aren't THAT bad, each year they get updated to match new players or reflect on how current players are doing I'd say Xbox Live membership
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    Pokemon GO

    my list too long to memorize but the rarest ones i got are kabuto and omanyte, and my strongest being a goldeen