Favorite of Bowser's Children?

Who is your favorite of Bowser's Children?

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Who is your favorite Koopaling? You can choose three. After you vote please post your favorites, in the order from #1 to #8. Feel free to change your vote. Discuss too!
My Order:
1. Larry Koopa
2. Ludwig Van Koopa
3. Bowser Jr.
4. Iggy Koopa
5. Morton Koopa Jr.
6. Lemmy Koopa
7. Roy Koopa
8. Wendy O. Koopa
Re: Favorite Koopaling?

Mason said:
Shouldn't this be in Marioverse? And where's Bowser Jr? I know he's not an original Koopaling but...

Anyway, from best to worst:


F**K I always make that mistake!
I don't think Bowser junior is a koopaling, but I will change it to "Favorite of Bowser's Children"
BTW youcan choose 3, you may want to change your vote.
EDIT: I reset the polls so now you should re-vote and added Bowser Jr.
Why do you not like Larry Koopa?
Just asking. I didn't like him a first, but then I started to like him more and more, then he was his favorite.
@ A Mod: Can you move this?
best to worst.

Lud wig van Koopa
Bowser jr.
Larry Koopa

Wendy O. Koopa (I hate her)
My favorite is lemmy and only lemmy.

I choose lemmy and only lemmy.
Looks like every body except Roy Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr.have got votes
It's von, not van. Anyway here is my order:

Bowser Jr.
Morton Jr.
Wendy O.

Ludwig becuase I like his hair, Lemmy's so tiny and adorable, Bowser Jr because he is like all the koopalings into one, and is awesome, Iggy becuase I like it that he is crazy, Morton and Roy because they have cool colors, then Larry because he doesn't look like much, and then Wendy because she is just ugly
Technologic Robot said:
It's Ludwig Von Koopa!
New Super Mario said:
It's von, not van.
It's actually "van" in the German Super Mario World strategy guide, interestingly. I guess they decided "von" wasn't original enough in a country where it actually semi-commonly appears in real names.

Anyway, best to worst (this was rather hard cause every source portraits these characters differently):

1. Larry - He's handsome and a vegetarian (in fan fiction at least) and I had a crush on him back then :S
2. Wendy O. - Female Koopas are strangely awesome.
3. Iggy - He's typically fairly insane, and so am I %3
4. Lemmy - Mainly because of Lemmy's Land, although I haven't been there in ages. He's fairly cute actually, and I like the whole "circus ball" thing. Rather crazy, too.
5. Ludwig - Wasn't sure which place to put him on. His fan fiction interpretation is usually very unsympathetic, but his cartoon version is a lot more likable.
6. Morton Jr. - Don't hate him, but don't care much about him either. Oddly, he and Roy seem to be the ones nobody appears to care about.
7. Roy - Pretty much every interpretation portraits him as a selfish bully, i.e. the type of person I absolutely can't stand, so yeah.
8. Bowser Jr. - He never struck me as particularly original or creative (heck, his entire design is nearly identical to Baby Bowser), and I don't see anything sympathetic about him. He seems like a stereotypical immature spoiled brat, from what I've seen.

Well, this sums it up pretty much. Going to vote for the first three on the list.
Man, you guys. D: Morton and Roy are my favorites, respectively.

Aren't there already, like, five other topics for this?
Wendy O!

why? only female, and her bratty spoilt attitude is cute. well she is bower's daughter :P
Best to worst:

Bowser Jr.
Morton Koopa Jr.
Ludwig von Koopa
Larry Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa
I like all of them, but to put my opinion on them...

Lemmy Koopa - He's so scatterbrained and silly! My third favourite.
Larry Koopa - He seems cute and cheeky (gotta cut out the alliteration). My second favourite.
Morton Koopa Jr - Poor guy has barely got a definable personality aside from being a pure dumb muscle.
Roy Koopa - He's got a bit more, I see him as the overbearing enforcer of the kids.
Wendy O. Koopa - She be stylin'! My fourth favourite.
Ludwig Von Koopa - His voice is kinda cool in the games, different from what the cartoon gave us.
Iggy Koopa - He's a mad scientist to the nth degree, what's not to like?
Bowser Jr - D'AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW. Favourite.
Britain said:
Why could you possibly hate Lemmy?

It's because he's named after Lemmy out of Motorhead. Lemmy is a Potteries' lad. And do you know who happens to be a Potteries' lass? Me. Everybody in the world has some manifestation of Pur-Rulz hate. Whether you know it or not or have even heard of it is entirely by chance.
Yes it was. But this is a forum, so anyone can join in and have some fun.
Why does everyone like Ludwig? I hate him. He seems like a stuck-up rich kid.
They probably like him the best because he's the oldest. There is somewhat of a prestige that comes with that.

That said, my favorite is Lemmy Koopa. Part of it would probably be NSMBWii's doing. The way they portrayed him as this calm and dangerous imp; Combined with the fact that I loved him in SMW, could be what shapes that.
I like Ludwig von Koopa because he sounds funny in NSMBW, and I happen to like orchestrated music, so he reminds me of the famous composer.
BabyLuigiOnFire said:
I like Ludwig von Koopa because he sounds funny in NSMBW, and I happen to like orchestrated music, so he reminds me of the famous composer.

Ludwig sounds like my brother. Iggy and Ludwig are my faves.