Favorite and Least Favorite DKC Levels


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Name and discuss your favorite/ least favorite Donkey Kong Country levels.

A few of my favorites:
Donkey Kong Country:

Winky's Walkway
Mine Cart Carnage
Tree Top Town
Snow Barrel Blast
Slipslide Ride (my most favorite in this game)
Oil Drum Alley

Donkey Kong Country 2:

Mainbrace Mayhem
Rattle Battle
Slime Climb
Bramble Scramble
Ghostly Grove
Gusty Glade
Chainlink Chamber
Jungle Jinx

Donkey Kong Country 3:

Kreeping Klasps
Ripsaw Rage
Blazing Bazukas
Krevice Kreepers
Barrel Drop Bounce
Krack Shot Kroc
Ropey Rumpus
Konveyor Rope Klash
Swoopy Salvo
Poisonous Pipeline

Donkey Kong Country Returns:

Sunset Shore
Cannon Cluster
Tidal Terror
Damp Dungeon
Jagged Jewels
Springy Spores
Boulder Roller
Music Madness
Smokey Peak
Bobbing Basalt

Tyrell Badd

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Any water levels without Enguarde. Simple.

And every minecart level. Hate all of them.