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fav character in super mario galaxy 2

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That's what happened with just about every other poll she was on, in this forum. Rosalina's fanbase seems to be pretty huge.
Villain11 said:
DogFreak said:
everyone loves her
1. She's not as girly as Peach and Daisy
2. Some boys have a crush on her, as seen on some of the userboxes on the wiki
3. She talks kinda cool, and she is kinda ghostly
4. Her dress is blue, not some stupid pink or orange.
5. In SMG she had a sad story growing up. It kind of brought a little tear to my eye, but maybe it was just because of the sad music in it.


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A Super Mario Galaxy 2 thread already exists on this board. Rename this topic, since it's clearly a poll of some kind.

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Same. Rosalina is not as 'amazing' as everyone calls her.


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Lubba is fat and fat people rule. And he's Patrick Star. Almost.

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My favourite characters were the Toad Brigade. I do still wish that Toad was a playable character.