Super Smash Bros. Brawl: My Moveset for...

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
Smiddle said:
I have another idea for a smash B attack for Mr Miyamoto:
The Shigereflector
I lol'ed so much.

note: Banjo-Kazooie not coming soon.


Just a flight attendant guy.
DK Jr!

B^:Vine related tether recovery
B:Throws fruit.
B>Charges at opponent shoulder first, like baby DK does in YIDS
BV:Ground pound?

Final smash: He finds a key, uses it to open retro DK's cell and he starts all sorts of madness.

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?


A: A little punch. Repeatly press A, for combo punches!

Up A: Jumps up and does a flip in the air.

Side A: Takes off his backpack and hits someone with it. Charge the atack for an even greater hit!

Down A: Rolls into a player.

B: Swings his backpack in circles damaging everyone behind and in front of him.

Side B: Takes out Kazooie and Kazooie shoots an egg. Banjo puts Kazooie back. The attack is very slow but it does great damage! Well depending on what egg...

-Blue Egg: Does little damage.
-Fire Egg: Burns a player. Slightly more damage than Blue Egg, Also makes fire come out of opponent for a short time.
-Grenade: HUGE EXPLOSION. Very rare, and also does big damage (about 20%). Beware!
-Ice Egg: Does some damage. If lucky, opponent will get frozen in a block of ice!
-Clockwork Egg: Releases a tiny Kazooie robot that walks up to anyone and explodes near them. If no one else is around, the robot will walk until it falls off the stage or crashes into a wall.

Down B: Hides in backpack and falls asleep. Recovers damage. This move is not useful sometimes, because while Banjo is sleeping, he may get attacked.

Up B: Kazooie comes out and makes Banjo fly straight up in the air.

Banjo/Kazooie can also glide, like Meta-Knight and Pit...and Charizard. :D


I propose for the location going here.
Smiddle said:
I have another idea for a smash B attack for Mr Miyamoto:
The Shigereflector
Isn't that Steve's avatar?
BTW lol. :D