Super Smash Bros. Brawl: My Moveset for...

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
A Button: He will punch, with a boxing glove.

A and Control Stick up: Swins a baseball bat up.

A while running: Swings a tennis racket, very similar to Ness. The longer you hold A, the harder the attack will be.

A while moving the control stick down: Swings a golf club.

B: Takes out a rifle and shoots (inspired by the shooting game in Wii Play).

B while running: Takes out the stick from the Wii Play game "Billiards" and stabs people with it.

B while moving the control stick up: Throws a baseball or tennis ball (both from Wii Sports) in the air.

B while moving the control stick down: Takes out the bowling ball (Wii Sports), and throws it. The longer you hold B, the harder the attack will be.

Grab: Takes out the fishing rod (from Wii Play) and grabs a player with it.

Final Smash: Mii Parade-All your other Miis in the game, come in a parade (stampede) and walk over all your opponents. At least one person will be knocked out.

Taunt: Does a cheering sound (from Wii Play).

More Information
Notice these moves are all based on Wii Sports and Wii Play. Ok, so now lets get more information about this character I hope can get in Brawl.

He's gonna be unlockable. When the "You have unlocked Mii!" screen appears, you can choose what Mii you want to play as. Then they'll ask "Are you sure?" After you say yes, you cannot play with another Mii in the game unless you delete your file and unlock the Mii again.

I tried to make this as less-confusing as possible. I hope it worked.
Rather cool. Good job.
I like the idea Id rate it a 9.5/10
Any day I feel like it, I'll make a moveset for Animal Crosser and then Ook.

ok ok ok. Meh, I'm too lazy.

I'll only do the final smash and taunt.

Final Smash: Turns into Super Sonic. He is now invincible for a short time, and if he hurts you the player, the player is automatically knocked out.

Taunt: "Is that all you got?"
B: Targets a player and runs into him. (Think: Homing Attack) (He will jump if he has to.)

Up B: Spins around in the air, similar to Samus' up move.

Down B: Rolls into a ball, and charges. Hold the B button...and when you let go, Sonic will be sent running fast!

Side B: Similar to Fox's side B move.

Final Smash: Time Break!-Everyone stops moving except Sonic. Sonic can beat the crap out of everyone now.
Just a quick question, Are you going to submit this into Nintendo?
Plus, they can't do anything about it. They're not the ones who make games. Now:

Animal Crosser

A: Weak punches.

A Up: Jumps up, while punching anyone who makes contact with him.

A Down: Kicks.

A while running: Hits a character with a watering can. Ouch!

B: Swings an axe (yes, thats a real item in the game).

Side B: Takes out the slingshot and aims, just like Link's bow and arrow.

Up B: Takes out the fishing rod and launches it up. This acts as a tether recovery and also as an attack for anyone who hits it, when he throws it.

Down B: Takes out a shovel, and swings it down hurting anyone near or sending projectiles back.

Grab: Take out the bug net, catches someone with it, and brings him/her close.

Final Smash: The Insects Attack-A bunch of mosquitos come flying in and start sucking out the blood out of other players (doesn't show blood, lol). The opponent's damage will start going higher and higher, until a bunch of Bees come, pick a random opponent and attack him/her until he/she is knocked out.

Taunt: Waves at the player.


He will be a boy, brown hair, and wears the "Worker Shirt" and no hat. Nope, no way to change his look. Unlessn you use a hacking device. *looks at you*
8/10, but the taunt should be the thing he does After he stops working for Nook or Pays off a house.
Already thought of one for nintendo creator:
*B - Uses a Wii Remote as a boomerang
*B Down - Punches
*B Up - Fires a characture he next touchs
*B side - Uses a DS as a lazer

*Final Smash - Recreats an oppenent making them a goomba
Dannyboy said:
8/10, but the taunt should be the thing he does After he stops working for Nook or Pays off a house.

Oh I remember that! Good idea! *imagine I edited it*

Coming Later Today: Banjo-Kazooie!!!