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Hey guys, I just wanna know if there is a way to save the group photo of all the roster and your Mii after you win all the cups. I tried sending it to my e-mail address, but photo attachments cannot be sent via e-mail from the Wii.

Any ideas?


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In, they have the ripped texture from the game (the scene), however, it does not have a Mii standing there.


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Unfortunately, you can't. I just found out that you can't copy Wii Message Board photos to SD cards either. That sucks. Your best bet would be to just take a picture of your TV, or if you have a capture device, you can always record the Wii while you bring up the photo and take a still picture in your video editing program.

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Lithium said:
You sure you can't if you add your email to your contacts?
You can, but you apparently can't send pictures.



Check this out, what do you think about this answer to the question?

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i wonder if i could send it to my dsi, you can set it as your photo channel background, mine is currently some rabbids from rabbids go home