What recurring elements do you think Paper Mario 3DS will contain?


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As most people are aware, there's been quite a few trends that have started with either the first or second Paper Mario, and ended up making their way into the sequel(s). So, my question is, which ones do you think Paper Mario 3DS is going to reuse? This, of course, is purely speculation on my part, but I think Paper Mario 3DS will retain the following:

*The game will have its own Jr. Troopa, as in, the boss and/or mini-boss that's fought more than any others in the game.
*The game will most likely have Goomba, Koopa Troopa, or Bob-omb party members.
*The first chapter in the game will cotain a village inhabited by Koopas, a fortress/dungeon-like setting, or a dragon boss. Or all three.
*The second chapter will have a party member that joins after retrieving his or her lost item(s).
*A giant Clubba will most likely be the boss of the third chapter, as well as having some sort of secret.
*The game would most likely contain another haunted/horror-themed chapter, where the chapter boss is invincible in some way, shape, or form.
*The storeroom key will probably end up getting misplaced or stolen sometime during the fourth chapter.
*The fifth chapter will probably take place on a tropical island (complete with a cavern of some sort), a plant boss, or an entirely different boss that'll rise again after losing its first unit of HP.
*The sixth chapter will probably contain Ruff Puffs.
*The seventh chapter will either take place in an ice-themed setting, contain an ice-themed boss, or both.
*The final boss will be invincible for a short time, and then the items that Mario and his party have collected throughout the course of the game, will get used against him or her to break the invincibility barrier.
Unfortunately, they'll probably use Merlon sprites similar to TTYD style Merlon instead of the much better looking PM64 Merlon.
I hope it's not going to be star number 2. I want more partner variety.