Creatures of Shiverburn Galaxy.

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I don't own the game, but i saw a video on youtube that shows strange, beings in the background, that follows mario everywhere he goes. Ever wondered what these guys are? I think it's some yetis or lava monsters, since the galaxy is called shiverburn. ???
YouTube source?
There's already a thread on this topic but this is more specific.

There's no YouTube source, but go on an image search and type down "Hell Valley Sky Tree"
It's also in the Grandmaster Galaxy in the 5th area :eek:
I typed down Hell Valley Sky Tree and nothing pops up video game related

Something wrong? I want an image of the background.
Nunnally vi Britannia said:
And their just staring and following you.
Well, sure. If I'd been living in a village for possibly hundreds of years (going by game logic), and I see some guy dressed in red (or green) overalls running around down below, I'd probably wanna watch him too.
I think Nintendo is crazy for putting that texture down