So, how about them haters, huh?


Seems so long ago.
Yeah. This topic is about people who hate the Mario series.

Anyway, there's some kid on my bus who swears a lot and takes the Mario series WAY too seriously. One time another kid on my bus had his DS with New Super Mario Bros. and he let the previously mentioned individual play it. He complained about tons of things in the game, like "being a retarded turtle." (He was obviously referring to the power-up.)

So, have you ever encountered or seen somebody who hates the Mario series?
I've been urged by my psychiatrist to not associate myself with people of that nature.
Peope who try to be cool sometimes hate the series. Usually the type of people who think they're all cool because they ride skateboards and only play shooters. There are people who just haven't tried the series, but there's nothing wrong with that.

The Mario series is one of the most iconic, and anyone who hates it can kiss my ass.
Although im pretty sure a lot of people here dont really hate the games, they arent their favorites

Ive mostly heard people talking about how great Mario Kart 64 was
Do all of the haters have something in common besides their hatredof the series? I mean, there are non-gamers who hate the series, too.
I don't actually know anyone who hates the Mario series. Lucky me.
haters gonna hate

I don't know anybody who hates the Mario series, though.

edit: " hate steh Mario"
i cannot type ugh
Oaktown Mojo said:
If you know douchebags who ride skateboards, you know people who hate the Mario series.
I know good people who ride skateboards. Is it just me, or are you hating on skateboards?
Quite true. Those of the douchebag variety usually wear plaid clothing and beanies and are lazy.
Some guys don't like something we like, someone call the wahbulance.
The problem isn't that they don't like the Mario series, it's why they don't.
Mr bones said:
The Mario series is almost unknowen in my country. But there is a bunch of kids that think they're men or cool and says that the mario serie is childish. I HATE THEM! Mario is aaaawsoooooooome!

What country do you live in/ Afghanistan?
Algeria. The only well-known Mario is Super Mario Bros. However, there are some gbas and n64s and sneses. But no one is really interested in them. They only like to play gta 3 and vice city... That's why Mario isn't well-known in my country.