The Summer of 2010 Thread


Seems so long ago.
I've just started this thread now for the heck of it.

Anyway, I'm not out of school yet. I will be this Thursday, but there's barely anything left to do anyway...
I'm out June 10th (day before the World Cup). Ten days later, I go to Scout camp for a week, and then I'm gonna be a TA at a day camp for three weeks.
Thursday? Man, you get out of school early.

I don't get out until early June.
It does for me, too.
The biggest problem with transitioning from middle school to high school is that middle school doesn't get out till mid-June, while high school gets out at the start of the month. Therefore, my summer break is two weeks shorter.
Where you at? Because here in Virginia it's worse than hot; it's hot and humid. Very darn humid.
Well the weather here is nice during the summer for the majority of the time, though it's foggy in the morning. It's gonna rain tomorrow, though. :(
It's been storming often around here. Before it started to happen daily, though, some days were rather warm...

... with good breezes. But still.
So my eighth grade school year is over with.

I still have to attend my older sister's graduation tomorrow.