Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the sky.


u guys cant stop me!!!
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This is an awesome game. Who agrees with me.
Eh, I like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue the most
Blue Mystery Dungeon was the best. In Time, you can't control any pokemon you like unless its a starter and make it walk around the town (correct me if I'm wrong) other than in dungeons. The IQ system is something I'm not too fond of. I like Palkia, though. I got to love Spacial Rend in that game. Articuno was the best, though. Agility+Power Snow beats all monster houses anytime :) Liked the improved recruitment rate in Time/Darkness, though. Better music in Time, too.
I never played either. My sister has Time and my mom has Darkness. I got Sky in order to complete the set (since I had always wanted to play Time or Darkness). :P

BTW, what happens when you say "yes" to when it asks you if you've played Time or Darkness at the beginning of Sky? Does it just screw all the tutorials and throw you in the game or something?