Teh Best Mario

Teh best Mario

  • 8-Bit Mario

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  • Paper Mario

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  • Fire Mario

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  • Now Mario

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Paper is oh so FTW, but I just put Now Mario.
"Look in the enclosed instruction booklet."

Atleast it was more accurate then the Legend of Zelda CD-i games.... if only slightly.
I say Paper Mario,he could turn into a boat or plane
:lol: OK, that was geniunly funny.
Schnozz IS funny. Try calling your dad's nose it.

You'll get a lot of laughs, but one glare in particluar. :smug:
Where's teh "Old Boxart Mario" Choice? I liked the fat, short midget.

No, he looks more like...


There's room in here for a corny, inappropriate line, but I'm not touching it.