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who is the best filler character

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Everybody seems to hate the characters that are made up for no good reason. They are the most slandered of all. but.. which one is better than the other
waluigi is the best because he is funny and cool

but im not sure that toadette is really a filler character because she instructs mario in PMTYD how to use his power ups.
But didnt she first appear in double dash solely to be toads partner? besides there arent any other filler characters and waluigi isnt really a filler character anymore either, he appeared in MARIO DDR.
Toadette appeared in the Thousand Year Door as well....

but Waluigi also made a cameo in that game.

I like Waluigi better.

And yes Toadette appeared in dance
What's a filler character :?:
A filler character is basically a character created to be someone else's partner and to give players more otions when choosing a character. They typically lack originality. For example, Waluigi is just the "Luigi version" of Wario, who was created to be a tennis doubles partner. Toadette is the "female version" of Toad, and was created as race car partner.
I still like them anyway though. :D
Koopa Kid a filler character = yes.

They should have put the KOOPALINGS and not them!
MAybe ill do a koopa kid v.s. daisy some time in the futurewho was the other guy who voted for toadette. I was afraid i was all alone...
ultimatetoad said:
MAybe ill do a koopa kid v.s. daisy some time in the futurewho was the other guy who voted for toadette. I was afraid i was all alone...

Daisy is not a filler character.

She first appeared in Super Mario Land...but was brought back to the series like 10 years after :eek: !
But why was she brought back (or even invented?) To as a replacement or partner for peach. Anyway If i limited myself to only REAL filler characters there arent very many.
I do not know why she was brought back after all these years but there she is.

Right on our faces.

This is what makes them filler character (based on the video games) and how filler they are. On a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being the most filler) this is how they are judged by my standards:

Daisy= Nintendo didn't want to use Peach as a damsel again. Pro: Developed a tomboyish attitude.
Filler Score- 6

Waluigi= Cons: Camelot invented this character as a partner for Wario in Mario Tennis 64. Pros: He has only appeared in sports games and starred in Dance Dance Remix. Developed a comical, yet sinister attitude. This brings his score close to Daisy.
Filler Score- 7

Luigi= Cons: Invented solely to be a recolor for Player 2, he is one of the most developed filler characters. Pros: He gradually became one of the more unique characters in the Marioverse, although physically he still looks like a filler of Mario. He starred in a couple of games and is whiny/scaredycat. He also looks up to Mario.
Filler Score- 3

Wario= Cons: Also invented because Nintendo felt like Mario needed a more stable and reusable rival/enemy. His appearance also makes him a doppelganger of Mario. Pros: He got his own series and even developed his own greedy personality. He has gone out on many adventures alone and like Luigi, physically still looks like a filler of Mario. His own series of games pulls him up even further than Luigi.
Filler Score- 2

Toadette= Cons: Invented just to be a sports partner (like many filler characters) of Toad. Pros: She helped Mario learn his abilities in PPYTD.
Filler Score- 8

Koopa Kid= Cons: Has no existance outside of the Mario Party Series and was invented because Camelot was confused to whom Bowsers main minions should be. It is a filler character of the koopalings. Hudson had to continue using Koopa Kids after their first appearance in Mario Party and were established as official main minions of Bowser. Hudson didn't use Koopas because they saw an eventual spot for them as NPCs or maybe a character. He is one the worst filler characters. Pro: None really
Filler Score- 10 (worst)

All these characters filler scores may be changed in the near future. To me, Luigi is the the most developed filler character.
luigi- 1 NO way can you call him a filler character anymore
Wario-1 Ditto
Toadette- 5 Shes starting to kind of make herself her own character (besides I am a defender of all things that have to do with toad)
Waluigi-7 If wario started out as a filler character and this is a filler character for a filler character???? still he does have a personality of his own now
daisy- 9 She is almost the same as peach. She is said to be a tomboy, but ive never seen her act like one. (Anyone looks like a tomboy next to peach)
koopa kid- 8 give KK a break!!! everyone seems to hate him worse than they hate navi... hes kinda different from the koopalings.
This is all my personal opinion. I believe wario is the most developed, but luigi is a close second.
KK worse than Navi? You can't possibly say that "Oh, Lord Bowser, you're the greatest, most evilest dude of all!"

is more annoying than

I like KK AND navi. ANd while im at jar jar binks too. ( dodges bullets.)
We forgot one. Toadsworth came in and replaced Toad as Peaches caretaker and Marios item giver. I still only give him a 3 on then filler, since he is still pretty different from Toad.