If you were a boss in Super Mario...


Monty Mole
...what would you want your castle/fortress to look like?
For example: Mine would be a mix of Hyrule Castle in Twilight Princess, Ganon's Tower from Ocarina of Time, Bowser's Castle from Double Dash!!, the tower from Lord of the Rings and Creepy Steeple... It would rain quite a lot there too...

Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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Something cool, like K. Rool's Keep from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, with the acid flooding chambers, but with killer robots, lots of killer robots. And laser turrets, along with other cool weaponry.


my lair would have 100 floors of a basement and going up and i would b in the basement and have traps leading upwards with signs saying the cntrl room is upstairs


King Bowser
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My castle would be huge... and filled with Dark Buzz Bombers... who would get MarioWiki articles... that would be horrifically short stubs...


My fortress would be a lot like the Bacterion fortress in Gradius 4. There would be tje option to change the gravity, dozen of deadly gunwall waiting in each corridor, and space fish, thousand and thousands of Belser space fishs.

My castle would be huge... and filled with Dark Buzz Bombers... who would get MarioWiki articles... that would be horrifically short stubs...



Just a flight attendant guy.
Mine would be made entirely from ? blocks. Most of them would contain poison mushrooms, so choose wisely, and every now and then you'd fight metal Mario. Just before the end, you would battle giga bowser. And, if you beat me in under 1 minute... I'll become more powerful.


Seems so long ago.
Mine shall be like a normal tower,only you start in the sewers.In the tower there will be L33t Goombas.


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Quite a castle you guys have there. Mine would be a gigantic castle with Warp Pipes and all. But my room would be comfy, with a Wii, big TV, and a nice CPU.


Id have a HUGE castle and make it out in the open where Mario can find it. Then Id have tons of guards that would all attack Mario at once. If he makes it past that, Id have guards lock the doors when he got into the castle and make it where he cant get out. Then hed starve to death! Basically Id make it impossible to actually get past my castle. I wouldnt leave myself open at all. While all thats going on Id be in my room with the latest version of the Wii, a comfy bed, a plasma TV, a hot tub, tons of hot girls, and an awesome CPU. HECK YEAH!!!


Oh yeah! I would have free games for all my Bowser Baddies (not to mention me) but anyways, it would be lava-filled, full of thwomps, and dry bones, and would include Boom-boom! I would have conveyor belts and rolling spiked balls like on Super Mario World, not to mention Hot Foots. I know it's not that original, but why mess with a good thing? :)
PS I would havea Toad that says "Your princess is in another castle." Harharhar!


Koopa Troopa
I'd be a Shy Guy. =3

So of course, I'd have an uber cool fortress disguised as something inconspicuous (CANDY LAND! Ingenius, I know...), yet full of weapons of mass destruction. And there'd be the superlaser from the Death Star up top. A bunch of Ravens would be inside... And a bunch of other enemies that I like. Like Nomadimice (yeah, I know, they are called Little Mousers, but I prefer the name Nomadimice).