What's the best Koopaling?

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Koopalings are awesome! Now since this new game is coming out, which one of these awesome koopas is the most awesome.
I voted Lemmy, but next in line would've been Bowser Jr., and I take great offense to you calling him a retard. Although he does have an annoying voice in SMS. :P
Bowser Jr. is better because he only gets help from Bowser. He doesn't need other Koopalings.
Wow, shut the fuck up flamer. :|

Anyway, Lemmy.
The Koopalings are looked down upon? Last I checked everyone seemed to love them. (I little more than what seems necessary, IMO.)
Alas, I'd vote for Bowser Jr. Love the little guy.
Iggy is who i voted for hes smart and has awesome eyes im kinda upset they changed his hair in the new game thouh now he looks like a palm tree
When one says 'Koopaling', though, the "ling" part suggests a younger version or off-spring of the parent. Since Bowser Jr. is one of the children of Bowser last I recall, he'd be a Koopaling in the sense that his birthright automatically makes him one. He may not be part of "the Koopalings", but it's not wrong to refer to him as one.