You gave him fake sprites.

No posting a (REAL!) Kirby sprite sheet from Kirby SSU.

Well, I tried.

No being me.
I hope you mean this guy...

No posting the letter 'm' upside down.
*steals Jigglypuff's cakes and eats them*

No NOT posting. That means if you post, you are following my rule, so to break it, you can't post.
Mistake, or for real? ???

No posting a picture of Fawful with his head off.

No posting a cool imige of the Krakken from earthbound that will actually work for my sig.
You didn't post a rule.

Don't PM Ninji saying "Your pants are on backwards. :P"
L33t Hammer Bros. said:
You didn't post a rule.

Don't PM Ninji saying "Your pants are on backwards. :P"

Don't post the lyrics to Don't Stop Believing by Journey
la la la la la don't stop bleving lala la la

No admitting that I'm more badass than all of you put together
*gets hypnotized*

You are more badass than all of us put together.................

*wakes up*

No going to mindless junk and posting something there. I will be watching.
No changing your username to Dumb Fool and keeping it that way for 5 hours. :drmario:
I'm a good boy, and good boys obey the rules. :dk:

No posting images made in MS Paint.

Don't post a picture of the worst food in the world, peanut butter.

( I hate it !)
I'm a bad boy, and bad boys break the rules. :dk:

No listing Pokémon numbers 152-251.
I listed them on a piece of paper that you can't see.

No posting in Espanol!