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This game is simple. One poster says a rule, the person below must break that rule, then that person says a rule. (Though, they can't be rules that break the forum's rules; ex: "No linking me to a ROM", or "Don't call __ a dumbass".)

Me: No using blue font.

Shyguy: Cracked is awesome.

No posting rickroll links.

Then, person #3 would post a rickroll link and make up a rule; yada, yada, yada.

I'll start:

No making posts with more that 10 letters.
*ignores that*


Don't post screenshots from EarthBound.
(LuigiIsMe: Make sure you come into the game at the right spot.)


No posting.
In a similar fashion to how Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba, Gay Luigi is a Gay Luigi. He's a Luigi that's SO gay, he has to be called GAY LUIGI.

No posting random email addresses.
The ending cutscene for Guitar Hero 3 was really crappy; I mean, it didn't even really wrap things up!

No linking to websites about cookies.

You have to post next.
Wizards of Waverly Place is AWESOME!

No using any emoticons.
§€¢ØΠΥΉ ... Copied and pasted. ;)

Don't insult Waluigi.
YOU MUST DIE, LuigiIsMe, YOU MUST DIE because you didn't break Shyguy's rule and for that YOU MUST DIE because not breaking rules is proof that YOU MUST DIE, so YOU MUST DIE.

Don't insult music.
But, it's so cool! D:

Don't edit your post.