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Hey, guys. I'm just wondering how we concluded that there's a Mushroom Planet separate from Earth? I haven't heard or seen anything that clinches it... except for the fact that the Mushroom Kingdom doesn't exist in real life. That really shouldn't be proof, though, since characters, etc. from true fiction don't exist either... anyway, I entertain the Wiki's theory and my own: the Mushroom World, as I refer to it as, is past a dementional barrier crossed by Warp Pipes. But, as you could guess, there's nothing much to back that up either. Let me know!
Most fans consider it to be an alternate dimension, rather than just another planet out in space, because of the now-retconned backstory of the Mario Bros. warping there from Brooklyn.

However, since the games now point to them being born in this world, Earth likely has no place in the official Mario story at all(Unless you want to be really technical and include Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine).
The only source that definitively seperates the two is the cartoon shows and the movie. There was the "Real World" and the "Mushroom Planet". In the former, characters used Warp Pipes to traverse the worlds, in the later, through a dimensional gateway. We use this as a basis for our articles for the video games in the wiki, although we do note that the WarioWare series may take place on Earth. It's all very conjectural, but the cartoons and movie offer a reflection of the video games, and we use that as our basis (they don't contradict, that is). In fact, Earth and the Mushroom Planet may be the same planet, just in different dimensions (but would still technically be different planets, as they exist in different dimensions). Maybe Super Mario Galaxy will solve our problems?

Also, I am constantly trying to figure out if there are video game sources stating Mario is from Brooklyn. That concept seems to have been developed by the cartoons and the movie, which contradict with the video games. The only source the Super Mario Wiki has found to indicate Mario is from Brooklyn is the Official Super Mario 64 Player's Guide, which states Mario is a "Brooklynite". We have found no other video game source to state Mario is from Brooklyn.
Actually, in Mario's Time Machine, Mario introduces himself as being "from Brooklyn" when talking to someone, although the game's canonity can be disputed.
Oh yes. That is correct. I forgot about that one. But yeah, it's a questionable game, as it was not published by Nintendo.
the dimensional thing is plausible as in paper mario i recall kopper saying that nothing on THIS EARTH can stop him or something of that nature
Yeah, there are a lot of references to what we call the "Mushroom Planet" as "Earth", but almost all of them can kinda be taken in two ways. I suppose we'll never know for sure...
Oh, okay. That's cool. I'm not sure if we can take that "Earth" thing to seriously... it depends. Take OUR use of the word Earth:

Earth (note capital): planet earth.
earth (note lowercase): soil, ground, rock, ect.

Based on Kooper's comment, though, it would imply that he is talking about planet earth... but that's getting picky.

Now, about dimentions: we need someone who's played Super Paper Mario here. It's always been my opinion that just because something is in a separate dimention does not always mean that it's a different planet. Think about time (I believe it's often referred to as the fourth dimention): this planet is (I hope) the same one I was on when I started this thread yesterday... so I think what I'm saying is that's it's possible for there to be two different worlds located in different dimentions at the same inter-dimentional co-ordinates... that make any sense? What I'm thinking is this:

Say I build a massive inter-dimentional portal... let's say a door. I would argue that walking through that door would change my dimention but not my planet... necesarily... does that make any sense at all? Oh, who knows. It's so philisophical...

Okay, Mario is Missing: I think we should definately take the events of the game as canon, but maybe chalk up that comment to the lack of knowledge at where ever it was published. I mean, they saw the TV shows, probably. Maybe the English translator(s) just made a mistake? Or was that an English only game? Anyway, who knows? Nintendo Power probably shouldn't be considered (remember that Super Mario RPG guide? messed up!) as a definer, but they ARE Nintendo. Still, discounting ANY source gets me jittery, so there you go.

Until Super Mario Galaxy, then, I'd say we should just leave well enough alone... but I do think that the term Mushroom World works too... that's what I always use, anyway. Yeah, I know it's the name of the areas in Super Mario Bros. 3, but consider this:

1. The game was released early in the series. Therefore, the term Mushroom World may have been used to refer to the world overall.

2. Check out that name... WORLD... I dunno. But then you get into all those crazy "worlds" in Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, SM World, Yoshi's Island, etc., etc., etc. all the way to DS.

Now, as a final musing... who are we to say that the TV series' and the Movie contradict? The movie, yeah, obviously it does, but who knows? Maybe the Bros. spent a while in Brooklyn?
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MOre like Science Fiction ........................AWESOME :D
O.K, Theres always a chance that EARTH refers to the real life world (you know, where we live) and the Mushroom World/Planet refers to a seperate portion of Earth that Mario and Luigi reached via warp pipes.... in Mario is Miising and Mario's Time Machine, Bowser invades OUR Earth (the rel world) and the Mario Bros. have to stop him. Those are my beliefs, anyway.
To answer an above question, both Missing and Time Machine were English-only games made by an educational third party. They probably based their information on the Mario Bros.' backstory from the cartoons, not the rest of the game series.
But they're still games.
Ummm.... so? Separation of game world and real world here people....