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We are looking for ~12 focused, hard-working community members to join the 2024 MarioWiki Awards Ceremony Committee. The Awards Committee's focuses will include creating polls for the ceremony, determining details such as scheduling and committee structuring, and generally overseeing the anniversary event at-large.

Meetings will begin in early April, with the meetings taking place in the Awards Discord server. In general, meetings will alternate Friday/Saturday nights with care to avoid 'Shroom meetings, deadlines, and other potential conflicts, and are subject to change to accommodate. An exact schedule will be posted once it is determined and will be available in both the public and staff Awards boards on the forum.

There are a few minimal requirements to be an AC member this year:
*You must be a forum member. We will be utilizing an underground forum to discuss topics in more detail and keep track of progress. The ceremony takes place on the forum, after all!
*You must either currently use or be willing to use a Discord account, and have the availability to check the Awards server, semi-regularly if not regularly.
*You must be active and in good standing with the community; applicants will be screened by Awards Directors. You must exercise basic judgment and common sense to be allowed on the committee. Committee members represent the Super Mario Wiki, so we expect a basic level of maturity, intelligence and kindness towards others.
*You should at least try to attend meetings/vote in them, but if you are unable to attend meetings due to time conflicts or time zone differences please be sure to still post in the board regularly and keep updated.
*You are expected to vote/voice abstention in staff board polls, as well as participate in discussion, in a timely manner.

While it is not a formal requirement, if you sign up for the AC please be willing to do at least one presentation.

Only confirmed AC members will be given a vote in meetings but meetings are open to the public, so you can drop in even if you aren't a committee member! We do value what everyone has to say, including non-AC members, so even without a formal vote your voice will surely count and your ideas will be sincerely considered.

To sign up, send a PM to Roserade and/or Hooded Pitohui letting them know that you are interested in joining the committee, including details such as:
*A brief explanation why you want to join the AC and why you'd be a good fit.
*Any potential scheduling conflicts. This likely will not work against you but is just to figure out scheduling (i.e. can't make Friday meetings, live in a time zone that's outside the US, etc.)
*Roles or expertise you might be interested in fulfilling for the Awards Committee this year. Taking on more responsibility than just attending meetings and voting/giving input is not required, but we welcome AC members who are interested to directly participate in managing parts of the Awards experience which match their interests and skills. Examples of roles could include "decorating the Discord server", "community advertisement", "maintaining documents or threads", etc.
*Ideas or conversations you'd like to bring forward.

The application doesn't have to be anything fancy; we just want to be sure that you're committed more to working as a team than you are getting a fun title. In fact, most people who apply are accepted, and this process is just a precautionary screening for intent and seriousness. Applications are due by the end of March 11th Midnight EDT. Roserade and Hooded Pitohui will post the final AC member list by March 20th and will provide staff board access shortly afterwards. At that time, the committee will delineate tasks and responsibilities, as well as initiate conversation regarding what our schedule will become for the rest of the term.

The Awards Committee is the only thing you can sign up for at the moment. Depending on its decisions over the next few months, other projects will emerge over the spring and summer, and you will be able to sign up for them as well. Announcements regarding these projects will be posted on this page or the public forum board, so if you are interested, keep an eye on at least one of them.

Thank you, and we'll see you around a bunch more in the upcoming months!!
The Awards Committee has been finalized! Thank you to everyone who submitted an application!

And now, without further ado...


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