How To Add Horizontal Lines To Posts And Properly Format Images In Posts


Pirate Crustacean
So I'm planning on applying for a new 'Shroom section, but it requires adding horizontal lines and formatting images to do so, and I don't really know how to add horizontal lines to forum posts, nor do I know how to properly format images in forum posts. Could anyone help me in learning how to do this?
Are you talking about formatting images and adding horizontal lines to forum posts, or for The 'Shroom? The 'Shroom and the forum use different formatting. For The 'Shroom (which uses wiki markup), the code ---- adds a horizontal line, as shown here. The wiki also has a page which explains how to format images. For the Boards, the code [HR] adds a horizontal line to a forum post, as shown here.
Yeah, for The 'Shroom. I've never formatted images nor added horizontal lines for that myself, as my sections normally don't use horizontal lines or images, and whenever they do have images, they're usually added in by the respective team director later, but since I'm planning to apply for a new section that requires image formatting and horizontal lines, I'm guessing I have to learn how to format that myself. I always submit my sections for The 'Shroom through the Boards, so I'm not very familiar with how to edit and format 'Shroom sections on the Wiki.