Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

I haven't seen many people talk about this game on these forums so I decided to start this thread up. It's gonna be my first platform fighter that I own and I am super excited for it. (I've played Smash, but I don't own Smash. Plus, I had no idea what I was doing in Smash so I chose Sonic just so I could mash B and still hit the opponent.) Heck, I watched (and are still in the middle of watching) El Tigre and My Life as a Teenage Robot just to prepare for this game. By the way, those are great shows so go watch those please. Garfield also looks like a nice edition to me. I know some hate his inclusion, but as a Garfield fan, I really don't mind. I guess this thread is perfect for discussing the first game, your main in this game, the removed characters from the first game, the campaign, or anything else you'd like to say. See you on the battlefield!



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As with the case of all recent Nick games: no Timmy Turner, no buy. I know he's probably in licensed hell along with the rest of anything Fairly Oddparents related but it's really criminal to leave out what was once the second most popular Nicktoon out of these games.
it's kinda funny to think all they need to do is change the colour of his hat and all is good

although that makes it weirder that they didnt do that already