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List of official Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournaments

I added as much information about those tournaments as I could glean from promotional material and gameplay footage, but there are still some missing particulars, such as rulesets and in-game names, that I couldn't find on the Internet. The game itself keeps the records of each past online tournament, so I'd theoretically be able to derive what I need from there.

However, these tournaments are region-locked. If one of them was open only to North American citizens, then it would be completely inaccessible to someone from, say, the UK--and this holds not just for the event itself while it was live, but for the records it leaves behind too. The reason I can't personally look most of them up, beyond the fact that I only subscribe to NSO when they dish out free trials, is that my Switch is registered in a country where these tournaments weren't open.

This is why I'm calling upon forum members and wiki editors to help improve this page with details that may only be accessible from their system region.

Below is a list of needed information, arranged by region and individual tournament (identified using the code you need to access it in game*). You also have links to the tournaments' entries in the wiki article.

(To clarify: "structure" here refers to a tournament's ruleset, including things like mode, race count, CPU difficulty etc.)

Australia, New Zealand
Canada, Mexico, US

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia

I'd really appreciate your involvement.

* From the game's main menu: Online Play > Tournaments > Search by Code. You then type in the code and select Join.
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