Ideas for if Nintendo made a Super Mario Galaxy 3 for switch

If you were to create a Super Mario Galaxy 3, what would you do (You are not allowed to make the game just like odyssey in space and with gravity mechanics like some people have tried to do with their concepts)

They can be Story concepts, Power-Up Ideas, gameplay ideas, new level ideas and more
I think Bowser teaming up with Tatanga for the story could be cool
I also would make Wario and Waluigi being a boss and being unlocked as playable characters after you beat them could be cool
and a secret boss fight against a surviving Shroob could be cool

Luciano Barone

Monty Mole
Boom-Boom and the Koopalings could return as bosses from Super Mario Bros 3, as well as Dry Bowser from New Super Mario Bros DS, Kamek from Super Mario World 2; Yoshi’s Island, Pom-Pom from Super Mario 3D Land, Motely Boss Blob from Super Mario 3D World, and even Dragadon from Captain Toad; Treasure Tracker.

Also, the final boss should either be a giant version of Dry Bowser (similarly to the giant version of the normal Bowser but undead) or maybe even Giga Bowser from the Super Smash Bros games.

Also, Toadette should be introduced as a new supporting character, possibly as a new member of the Toad Brigade.

Also, Princess Peach should be introduced as a new playable character while Rosalina is the new damsel in distress in need of rescuing from Bowser and the Koopa Troop.

Also, this game should probably introduce new world types not really seen in the first 2 Super Mario Galaxy games, like a mountain world, a tower world, a sewer world, a haunted forest world, a ghost ship world, a tank world, a lava cave world, an ice cave world, a hybrid grass and snow world, a dark sky world, a micro world, a New Super Mario Bros-esque desert athletic world, a circus world, an Asian-themed world, a Mexican-themed world, a savanna world, a Skylanders-esque magic-themed world, a Mario Kart-esque race track world, a bubble bath world, a painting world, a music world, a haunted pyramid world, a moon world, a water castle world, or even a hybrid lava and water world.

Also, both the raccoon leaf from Super Mario Bros 3 and the mini mushroom from New Super Mario Bros U should appear, along with every single power up from the first 2 Super Mario Galaxy games and 3 new power ups I made up; these include the ninja suit, which dons the player in ninja gear and lets them throw ninja stars at enemies and climb walls, the scuba mushroom, which dons the player in scuba diver gear and lets them swim faster in the water without ever running out of oxygen, and the magma mushroom, which dons the player in orange and black rock-like suits and lets them painlessly swim in lava like it was water.

So, what do you think?
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