How well will each of the voice actors for the Mario movie do in their roles?


Chris Pratt is still up in the air as Mario, but he might pull through.
Charlie Day could actually do pretty well, and I can see him as Luigi.
Anya Taylor-Jay will do phenomenal as Peach. She is an amazing actress, and I expect no less from her.
Jack Black might the highlight of the movie as Bowser. He will steal the show, by far.
Keegan Michael-Key is an odd choice for Toad, but I have a feeling he will do well.
Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, I just don't know.
But we will have to see. What do you guys think?

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i dont have good hopes for mario sounding like a generic guy person
ive seen clips of how the vas might be like and kamek and crankys vas fit the best. maybe luigi too?