Issue 182


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Ninja Squid
Hello, 'Shroom readers!

The 'Shroom is back again to bring you your favorite entertainment of the month, and speaking of entertainment, we've got a lot of good sections for you this month, thanks to our wonderful writers! However, before you dive in, I have several important announcements to share with you.

Foremost, we have a new opening in the Core 'Shroom Staff! Doomhiker is leaving his position of Fake News Director with the release of this issue, which means we need someone to take care of the comedy area of the paper. If you think you have what it takes to lead the team, please go look to our application thread here for the process. The process of applying is easy enough, and we are encouraging everyone who are actively interested in the position of Fake News Director to apply!

Secondly, I want to remind everyone that our Summer Special is just around the corner, and we are always looking for additional sections that will enhance the newspaper on those very special occasions. This year, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Super Mario Sunshine. A very fitting game for the season, due to its tropical scenaries, and of course, the sunshine! If you are interested in writing some sections for the paper next month, make sure to follow through our sign up process, and send in your application to your Statistics Manager who is also me… (this is weird I know)

Speaking of our Summer Special, we are also holding a special event for it! In collaboration with Isle Delfino Blooper Racing Board, we are hosting a Blooper racing event called Blooper Race! If you have a Blooper ready to take part in it, follow through our section and forum thread for all the details. It is sure going to be a blast!

We also wish to give our token of thanks to everyone who has taken the time to partake in our Feedback Survey over the last month! We have acquired some very fascinating feedbacks and answers, and we definitely think this will help us continuously find ways to keep your community newspaper enjoyable for everyone involved. Your support is what makes our monthly issues possible, even after more than 15 years of operation!

Now, speaking of this issue, there is plenty of content for you to enjoy from regulars such as SIMulation by Ray Trace or TV Tomorrow by Quizmelon, but we also have several new sections joining this month too! To name a few, we have Long John Spaghetti who is joining in with some Detective Luigi stories in Luigi and Associates Detective Agency that you can find in Palette Swap, Shoey is giving us a report on the effectiveness of some Mario franchise power-ups in Critic Corner, and MightyMario is providing us with some Roleplay Update in Pipe Plaza! There is still more for you to read though!

Before I leave you to enjoy our freshly released issue, I want to provide a side note that the Awards season is incoming with a whole new batch of polls for you to vote in, so prepare yourself at me finding “distinctive” ways to shill for your votes. In addition, the Poll Chairperson Election is starting next month, so if you are considering leading the Poll Committee next year, it might be time for you to start preparing a campaign.

Goodness, there is a lot coming up next month, right? Well, while we are waiting for all the upcoming goodies of the summer season, enjoy Issue 182 to its fullest.