Saudi Arabia's PIF buys 5% stake in Nintendo

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via Bloomberg

This follows similar acquisitions of stakes in Capcom and Nexon. The fund has now become Nintendo's fifth biggest shareholder.

Because the Saudi government didn't offer enough distractions from their breaching of human rights. And Nintendo, un-shockingly, is playing into it.
You're aware that Nintendo is publicly traded and that Nintendo can in fact not prevent someone from buying stock in them right?

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also, before anyone clamors that it's SNK all over again, remember that SNK was "immediately buy a third of the stock while shouting you were gonna buy more"

anyhow the odds that they bought all this stock from nintendo directly are basically none, i'd bet you even money it's entirely hedge funds and other investors who sold off for a good price

stocks aren't "saudi arabia went to nintendo and gave them money and nintendo said yes"

i'm no fan of nintendo's shadier business practices but criticize them for what they actually ARE complicit in


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As the others said, it's a public company.

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I think I got it the first time around, thanks. I even removed my slight from the OP.

Now hopefully anything anyone will have to add to the conversation will be related to the topic. Perhaps I should have started this thread in another section of the boards, given that the gaming-related "actor" in this whole situation (Nintendo) doesn't have much involvement in it.
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