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Recently I've taken an interest in making the wiki's merchandise coverage more comprehensive, which has brought me to PopCo Entertainment, seemingly one of the more prolific companies for Mario merchandise in the late 2000's and early 2010's. However research has led me to more questions than answers, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on things.

While researching PopCo I came across two other closely related companies, Goldie Marketing and Global Holdings. Goldie Marketing has been referred to as a "successor" of PopCo, but what does this actually mean? The best I can find is that Goldie "took over" PopCo around 2009, but more details would be nice. Global Holdings seems to merely be a product distributor that worked closely with both of them.

Also to be considered is PopCo's relationship with Banpresto. According to Banpresto's page, PopCo was responsible for releasing some of their products outside of Japan. Did PopCo actually make any of their own merchandise, or were they merely handling Banpresto's products and nothing else? Would it be more appropriate to expand Banpresto's page with this merchandise instead and leaving PopCo/Goldie as only a side mention?


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Global Holdings is, from what I know, a distributor and I know it primarily as the distributor that sold New Super Mario Bros. Wii series plushies which were originally San-ei. Later on, San-ei has Little Buddy distributing the toys, hence why the re-release Mario and the original 2010 Mario plushies look quite similar but have very different tags. I do think Global Holdings did figurines as well as Popco, too, and I know Goldie only because I own a couple plushies of Mario and Koopa standing up and the material being different form the others.

If PopCo has distributed more Mario things aside from Banpresto figurines, then I suppose they can get an article, but for now since we know most of their stuff is Banpresto stuff, I think it's fine to do a side mention until we get more information on this matter.