Issue 180


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Hello, 'Shroom readers!

Issue 180 is now available, and it is packed with plenty of sections for you to read, so don't miss out on the chance to look at what our fantastic writers has prepared for you this month. Scoop from your Director: There are several new sections for you to check out this month, especially in Fake News, Pipe Plaza and Strategy Wing!

With the release of this very issue, it also means that sign-ups for The 'Shroom Mafia 4 is officially starting! Make sure to read our section here where our lovely advertiser Wright Forde 'Shroom provides an introduction to the game, and its mechanics. After doing so, please come over to the Sign Up thread here and embark on this journey with us. Don't worry, it will all be fine. Probably.

I also have some important announcements:

Next month, The 'Shroom will be celebrating its longtime core staff member Yoshi876's 100th issue as the Spotlight Manager! For this very special occasion for our muscular dino, the newspaper will be under a fitness/sport theme. We would appreciate everyone to join the fun and write sections under that theme next month, and if you have any interesting ideas, consider applying! Who knows, maybe a workout section, your favorite protein shake recipes or even about sports you are enjoying! There are so many possibilities with this theme and we would appreciate having you with us during this celebration!

Lastly, did you know that The 'Shroom can be a portal to show off your artistic talents? Well, it can be! If you have some cool drawing skills or pieces of art that you did that you would like to highlight with the community, consider reaching out with our Palette Swap Director FunkyK38. The 'Shroom is there to showcase your interest, and what you enjoy with everyone here after all!

There we go. That is all I had for you! Now, you can go and enjoy another issue of your local newspaper. It is time for me to head to the gym in the basement of the 'Shroom HQ. I bet with my Sub-Director that I'll be in better shape than him by next month, and I'm sure he's trying to cheat and get ahead of me while I'm here making announcements to you. No, not letting him beat me. Prepare yourself WT! 💪

See you next time!