1. Bugzzy

    C.A.T.S (aka. Crash Arena Turbo Stars)

    This is the C.A.T.S forum. Talk about the game, what weapons you have, your prestige, your ultimate machines, and more! Search it’s fandom for more info. I am prestige 3, so I unlocked the Minigun, Shotgun, and the First Aid Kit. Prestige 4 will get me a Lifter. My favorite Body is the Sneaky...
  2. THE END


    I just found out there’s a group of fan game creators making Nintendo fan games called Unifans. I already contacted them and they are currently developing both Desktop and..... MOBILE GAMES!!! I will give more info. in the future.
  3. THE END

    Super Mario Run 2

    Super Mario Run. The game that caused controversy in the Mario community because some people felt it was a dumb-down version of Mario, but others, like me, liked it very much. (Even Nathaniel Bandy!) But we all felt the same. World Tour was pretty short, the game had more potential, and so much...