is sonic advance bad

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sonic advance adventure has bad graphics and terrible cutscenes, yes, but have you ever spindashed and jumped on a slope and said "wheee"? no

if you see me talking about advance, just assume im talking about adventure.i have not played advance but i did play adventure
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Considering they mentioned cutscenes, I'd assume they're confusing it with Adventure? I don't remember Advance really having any cutscenes, while they are an infamously bad element of the Adventure games.

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I mean Adventure has bad graphics but that's more likely a symptom of its era? The mouth movement isn't the worst for a game from 1998.

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Honestly it's not that Sonic Adventure has bad graphics - remember the visuals and graphics of SA1 were widely praised as being some of the best graphics in video games up to that point - but it's that every single post-Dreamcast version of the game, so the GameCube, PC, PS3, and 360 versions of Sonic Adventure, all have a variety of graphical downgrades from the original Dreamcast version.

I mean you know it's telling when there are literally mods for the Steam version of the game to make it look like the Dreamcast release.