Wii Sports Club Mod Giving Error 150-3032

Natalie J.

Number 4... Thursday.
Okay, this problem has been going on since April and I'm desperate to know what's going on.

For context, I've been trying to create a sort mod for Wii Sports Club (a sort mod basically just changes the IDs of the CPU Miis). This basically just entails rearranging the Mii data files and rewriting the MSBT file found within the game files. I've been trying to run it through sdcafiine on a Wii U with Coldbrew Haxchi, or CBHC. I have the files all created and ready to go, but I've had a problem since then.

Every time I try to run my mod, error code 150-3032 comes up. The error message is incredibly vague, just saying "An error has occurred. Please try again later." I've done some research and while this error code is not on Nintendo Support's website, it seems like it's a catch-all for any invalid file error. One of my friends who has experience with Mii games has told me to add the uncompressed filesize to the file via hex editing, but I've tried all kinds of numbers for that and none of them have worked. I've also tried just leaving them alone with no hex editing and the same error comes up.

I'm also not sure if it's a problem with the fact that Wii Sports Club's launch was strange, with all the sports being contained in an update. There's a GameBanana thread where someone made a Python script to supposedly work around that, but I don't know how to run Python scripts on Wii U. It also isn't fixed by changing the folder in sdcafiine to be the update folder (for context, base games and updates are held in different files, identified by an E in the folder name for updates), which just loads the game completely normally. I've also checked to see if it's a problem with sdcafiine loading it improperly, and that doesn't seem to be the case.

I also made sure to compress the files correctly. The text file and Mii data file I'm editing are confirmed to be compressed via ZLib. Incorrect compression can cause crashes, but this is not the problem as I'm very sure I'm using the correct compression type.

The error message in question:

I would definitely appreciate if anyone could help with this.
The error code you have is likely just a generic error code you get when you have a bad modded file that causes a game crash, so it isn't likely Nintendo's Support website would have a solution to it.

Also, Wii U can't run python scripts iirc, I think what the script aims to do is that you run it in your computer and use FTP to communicate to the Wii U. You should ask Lord-Giganticus on GameBanana (this is the thread you likely read, right) how to use it.
That's what I figured from my research, everyone who got it got it for varying reasons so it seems like it's just a catch-all "invalid file" code.

I was really hoping I wouldn't have to message Lord-Giganticus since I have horrible social anxiety but I can hit him up. And yes, that was the thread I read.
Update: I finally found the magic number. Turns out the file size numbers I was adding weren't actually correct. I think you can put this in Resolved.