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All of the Paper Mario partners! (the series, not the game) C'mon, Lakilester in 3D would be AWESOME!!!!
No, they'll never be in 3D. It's Paper Mario.
Never say never. Look at some of Paper Mario 2's enemies in origami like 3D... I'd call that 3D.

Plus, and here's the fun part, aren't you forgetting about King Goomba? He's in Super Mario 64 DS under the moniker Goomboss. I believe the proper term for this moment is...

Not 3D enough. And they say DS have craphics.


-The Koopalings;
-Captain Syrup;
-Angry Sun;

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Biokinton, kinda' cool name, though whenever I picture it, I get a bio-mechanical monster, instead of a beady-eyed cloud that shoots Chickens.


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A Bandit in 3d, a microgoomba, an anti guy, Vivian, Ms. Mowz, and Tubba Blubba.


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Bandit was in Mario Party 7, and we've seen tons of 3D black Shy Guys (but they probably don't qualify as Anti Guys...).


Check it out, Isyou ma' man.

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Wasn't there a cutscene in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis where Pauline was 3-D. I think theres a picture of it in her article.


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Yeah, everything's 3D-rendered in the cutscenes MvsDK games, which also have 3D graphics despite technically being 2D. By the way, Pauline never even appears outside of cutscenes in March of the Minis...


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ok, many enemies don't apear in 3-d, if i chose some they will be:
-koopa bros
-lava pirahna
-cristal king
-magikoopa (outside of mario party and sports)
-army hammer bros
-bombshell bill
-bombshell blaster