Angry Birds

Wakko Warner

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*yes I know there is already a topic for this but it hasn’t been updated in 10 years so*

Talk about the Angry Birds franchise here!

Angry Birds is a franchise I hold close to my heart, I have plushies, watched the first movie, and had almost all of the games.

Koopa con Carne

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Koopa con Carne
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3-starred and feathered them all in OG and Seasons biiiaaaoootch.

I always found it rewarding that you get new stuff flying on the title screen every time you encounter a new bird or clear an episode. Real talk, this kind of visual progress marking is what usually incentivises me to go all in on a game.

Let's talk about the soundtrack too:

Pretty high quality for a mobile game about flinging birds.

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i like angy bird
i havent played any of the games in years but i miss em and i really gotta get em on my phone again. stella..........
well thats funny i got super into the series later the same month and have been never shutting up about it since
ive been playin bad piggies and space a lot lately. not stella though its borked :{

anyway we had news yesterday. more info abt rereleases of the old gaames that were announced a few months ago
this is super exciting but like. any angry birds news is super exciting to me tbh