Rugrats reboot!

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It's an AU taking place this decade, Lou's a hippy, Suzie's more prominent, Stu's a gamer, Dede and Betty have a she-shed, and it's all in "3d"!

I for one am loving this series! Hbu?
Man I want to watch the Rugrats reboot so bad, buts its on Paramount+. Why can't Nick just air the show already and give those a chance to watch it who can't afford Paramount+?

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What did you think this was all about? Pumpkins!?
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They won't because subscription models are lucrative especially when people have multiple subs and lose track of all those micropayments that can and WILL add up. The networks have split up their content for that reason (I mean come on: Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Quibi, Paramount+ and probably more, doesn't it look like overkill when you list them all out like that), and it's starting to look more like what cable used to be where you have to drop payments just for the exclusivity of one show. It's a crap financial model, but distributors do love introducing inconveniences for you to pay up.


Use to watch the Orig series religiously. Loved Rugrats in Paris.